Crime Briefs: Suspect tells deputy to beware of gang ties |

Crime Briefs: Suspect tells deputy to beware of gang ties

The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office reported that, while being arrested, a 39-year-old man threatened a deputy and his family with violent revenge through his gang connections.

Just past midnight on Aug. 5, multiple 911 calls came into dispatch about a reckless driver on Interstate 70 near Silt.

Callers said a black SUV was weaving all the way from the right shoulder across both lanes into the left shoulder and back. The SUV was reported as travelling about 90 to 95 mph, and stopping on the shoulder. One caller said the SUV had nearly hit his truck.

Deputies found the SUV pulled over on the shoulder with its lights off, the driver lying in the backseat. When he finally agreed to come out of the vehicle, it took him about 30 seconds to figure out how to open the door, a deputy wrote in his arrest report.

He told the deputy that he was driving from Denver to California in a rental car, and he had pulled over because he was tired.

Asked to provide his driver’s license, he handed over a Denver County Jail inmate ID. According to the deputy, he smelled of alcohol, his eyes were extremely bloodshot and watery and he swayed while he stood. However, the man claimed to be three months sober. He failed a roadside sobriety test and refused to take a breath test.

The 39-year-old grew upset as the deputy began arresting him. He was yelling that his lawyer would “have (my) ass,” wrote the deputy. And the man continually cursed at the deputy. He also asked the deputy if he knew about the “Latin Kings.” He yelled that the deputy “better watch your ass,” according to an arrest report.

In the patrol car he said he was “a nobody, but the Mexican Mafia like me, so you better watch your ass…” and “I hope you don’t have a family because they’re gonna kill you,” the deputy wrote.

He said to the deputy “I hope you don’t have kids because they torture kids,” and “I hope you like duct tape because they’re gonna get you and your family.”

The man was arrested on felony attempt to influence a public servant, as well as misdemeanors reckless driving, driving under restraint and driving under the influence.

25-year-old accused of giving pot to teenagers

A 25-year-old man wound up with a felony charge after police found him with well more than the legal amount of marijuana and two teens in an odorous car.

Glenwood Springs police responded to reports of a suspicious vehicle parked on private property on the 3100 block of Blake Avenue the evening of Aug. 27.

Officers found three males in a black Ford sedan that smelled of marijuana.

The driver was 25, with 17-and 16-year-old passengers. Officers also saw a marijuana container in one teenager’s lap. At first the driver denied having smoked marijuana with the teens, but he eventually admitted that he gave them the pot, according to an affidavit.

The two juveniles told officers that they had smoked marijuana earlier in the night. Inventorying the vehicle before impound, officers found numerous prescription bottles containing marijuana in the car, as well as several marijuana pipes and bongs.

In the trunk, numerous large bags of marijuana were hidden under a spare tire, according to police. Officers also found numerous bags of marijuana in a five-gallon bucket.

Altogether, officers found nearly 12 ounces of pot in the car.

The 25-year-old was arrested on two counts of felony contributing to the delinquency of a minor and a drug misdemeanor of possession of 6 to 12 ounces of marijuana.

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