Arraignment is set for transient murder suspect |

Arraignment is set for transient murder suspect

Tatiana Flowers
Trevor Torreyson

A 9th Judicial District magistrate advised a local transient man Wednesday of a first-degree murder charge against him and set an arraignment hearing for late July.

Two public defenders asked Magistrate Susan M. Ryan to consider setting the hearing for the morning of July 24 because they were still advising Trevor Torreyson, age 42, on the murder charge. Chief District Judge James Boyd will likely handle the case, Ryan said.

Glenwood Springs Police say they first responded to what they thought was a possible suicide on June 20 at about 8:22 a.m.

At the crime scene on Storm King Road in Glenwood Springs, police said they found a victim lying face down in bushes near an administrative building. The victim, identified later that day as 56-year-old Keith Richard Wayne, appeared to have a deep laceration to the left side of his head and extreme trauma to his mouth, which investigators say is common from blunt force.

In a court affidavit, police said they noticed blood had been transferred around the crime scene area from the imprint of a hiking boot. The footprints headed west, away from where the victim was lying, police say.

When officers reviewed photos of the crime scene later that day, they say they noticed a multicolored, diamond-studded bandanna lying near the victim. They say Torreyson had worn the bandanna in a booking photo three weeks prior, when he was arrested for a theft, which he allegedly confessed to, officers say.

The night after Wayne was found dead, officers visited Torreyson’s campsite and found him lying in his bed with “red smudges and spatter marks” on his shirt, which they say was consistent with dried blood.

He allegedly also had dark red spots on his arms and hands that were consistent with dried blood. The tan-colored boots at the foot of his bed also were found with what appeared to be dried blood on the soles of the shoe, according to police.

At the Garfield County Jail, Torreyson allegedly told officers that he had known Wayne for a decade and that he was the last person to have seen him, but he maintained he had never touched him.

Officers say Torreyson didn’t deny the suspected dried blood on his personal items and he allegedly said he didn’t know how the blood got on him, according to the affidavit. Torreyson allegedly said that night they had bought a bottle of Skol Vodka, sat at a picnic table near a Ford dealership, and were looking for cigarette butts to smoke while they talked and drank, according to police. Torreyson also had a large gash in between his pinky and ring finger.

At one point that night, Torreyson told police that Wayne put his head on the table and fell asleep, and that’s when Torreyson said he finished the bottle of vodka and left. Police say he indicated that he walked away in the same direction as the bloody shoeprints.

Torreyson is charged with first degree murder and is currently being held at Garfield County Jail on $1 million bond.

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