Crime briefs: Cocaine found taped to drug runner’s genitals |

Crime briefs: Cocaine found taped to drug runner’s genitals

Ryan Summerlin

On the evening of May 5, Glenwood Springs officers spotted two men illegally crossing Grand Avenue in the middle of the 900 block, one of them almost getting hit by a vehicle.

Contacting the pair, one officer thought he recognized one of the two men, a 23-year-old, as someone who had an active warrant. The two said they didn’t have any ID, and the officers took the 23-year-old into custody to verify his identity.

During their interaction, the 23-year-old acted “very nervous, rubbing his neck with both hands and fidgeting with his hands and arms,” according to an affidavit. The two smelled of alcohol, an officer reported.

While officers were putting the 23-year-old in handcuffs and patting him down, the other man bolted from the scene. The officers had not identified this man.

In the 23-year-old’s pocket they found a set of metallic knuckles.

Right before being booked into jail, the young man told an officer that he had “something taped to his genitals.”

“(He) said he was being told to do a job,” an officer wrote in his report.

In his underpants, they found “a half-gallon Ziploc bag containing two large pieces of a white substance with white powder.”

Along with the bag, the substance weighed 12.4 grams and tested positive for cocaine. The officer added in his report that this amount is more than for personal use, and transported drugs are often hidden near a trafficker’s genitals “to avoid detection by law enforcement.”

The 23-year-old was arrested on charges of distribution of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance, both felonies. His arresting charges also included misdemeanor possession of an illegal weapon.

Man tries to turn in girlfriend after strangling her

A 21-year-old man staying at the Caravan Inn called Glenwood police the night of May 6 and said his girlfriend had stolen his wallet after a physical altercation.

When officers arrived at the motel, the man flagged them down. The man said he became enraged when his girlfriend brought another man to their room, and he got on top of her and choked her, according to a police report. He said she scratched his face during their struggle, and he released her.

Later, when they tracked down the girlfriend, officers found her with red abrasions on the sides of her neck, and her account of the events was the same.

The man was arrested on charges of second-degree assault-strangulation, a felony, and domestic violence was applied as a sentence enhancer.

Pair found in compromising position, in stolen car

New Castle police found a white car parked at Grand River Park past curfew Monday night. In the driver seat was a 25-year-old woman and in the passenger seat was a 23-year-old man with his pants down. Both seats were reclined all the way back, the officer noted in his report.

The officer then found the vehicle was reported stolen from Delta County.

The 25-year-old woman told the officers that she was “given access to the vehicle” by a man and woman, though she didn’t not know their last names or where they were.

Police also found in the vehicle a Discover card bearing yet another man’s name.

Officers found in the glove compartment a light bulb that appeared to be used for ingesting drugs. Its threads were broken off, and it had a small hole and had burn marks on one side, according to the report. In the vehicle’s center tray was a butane torch.

She was arrested on charges of aggravated motor vehicle theft, a felony, along with misdemeanor criminal possession of a financial device, violation of a protection order and petty offense possession of drug paraphernalia. The man was also arrested on charges of misdemeanor criminal possession of a financial device and petty offense possession of drug paraphernalia.

Suspicious man found with methamphetamine

Rifle police responded to a theft in progress on Meadow Circle on Monday morning. A neighbor had spotted a man who appeared to be trying to steal a license plate.

A responding officer found a 21-year-old man under a blue Chevrolet truck. The young man said he was just looking at parts but that the truck was not his. The officer detained him and placed him in cuffs. He was arrested after the officer found he had an active warrant for theft.

Near him was a black bag that at first he denied owning, although a witness saw him carrying it to the scene.

In the bag officers found 3.9 grams of white crystalline substance that tested positive for methamphetamine. They also found a case containing “four small pills, a clear plastic bag full of other smaller baggies, known to be used in the distribution of Methamphetamine and two razor blades,” the report said.

He later told the police that the pills were Xanax that he got from Mexico and that he got the methamphetamine in Rifle.

He was arrested on charges of felony possession of a controlled substance, along with misdemeanor possession, petty offense possession of drug paraphernalia and petty offense third-degree criminal trespass.

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