Crime Briefs Driver leads police on speedy chase through West Glenwood |

Crime Briefs Driver leads police on speedy chase through West Glenwood

Ryan Summerlin

Glenwood Springs police early Sunday chased a car weaving through several West Glenwood streets.

An officer attempted to stop a silver Honda Accord on U.S. 6 after noticing one of its headlamps out at about 1:40 a.m. But the car turned on a side street and tried to speed away, making erratic maneuvers around side streets and a busy U.S. 6 trying to lose the officer.

“His reckless driving behavior put all people traveling in the vicinity in grave danger,” a Glenwood officer wrote.

At one point, the Accord turned into the Culver’s parking lot, hit a curb and drove through a planter.

Eventually the Accord came to Sister Lucy Downey Park, where the driver bailed out of the moving car, allowing it to crash in the northwest corner of the park, an officer reported.

The driver ran through the park and across the street, jumped over a wall separating Big Daddy’s Sports Bar and the Shell gas station. An officer eventually caught the man and stopped him at gunpoint.

“The vehicle suffered significant damage during this pursuit,” an officer reported. “Both tires on the passenger side were flat and the front tire was completely off the rim. The front bumper was damaged and had come loose from the front of the vehicle.”

Officers found that the vehicle was stolen in Glenwood Springs in August, and the 22-year-old did not have a valid license.

He was arrested on felony charges of vehicular eluding, aggravated motor vehicle theft and criminal mischief, as well as numerous misdemeanors.

Back-road confrontation

A man who lives on Rippy Lane near New Castle reported Monday evening that when he confronted a 34-year-old man who was driving too fast by his house, the man threatened to shoot him.

He reported that a gray truck sped by his house on Rippy Lane at about 60 mph. He and a woman then followed the vehicle to talk to the driver. He reported that driver may have been on drugs.

The pair found the man’s truck at a house and pulled up, blocking the vehicle in. The 34-year-old became agitated and yelled at the two. At one point he threatened to shoot the older man, according to the woman’s report.

Then, when the older man was driving back home, he reported that the 34-year-old was trying to pass him on a one-lane road and hit the side of his vehicle.

A sheriff’s corporal found a crease about 3 inches wide and 4 feet long on the side of the older man’s vehicle.

Another sheriff’s deputy found the 34-year-old stopped in his truck in Silt, where the man was sitting inside his vehicle and drinking from a Jagermeister bottle, according to an arrest report. The man gave three different stories about what had happened that evening, the deputy reported. And his truck bore damage consistent with the damage on the older man’s vehicle.

The man’s words were slurred and didn’t make sense, the corporal reported. He said that he hit the other man’s truck in self-defense, as he was blocked in while he was trying to flee from vicious dogs.

He was arrested on charges of felony criminal mischief, as well as misdemeanors of menacing, DUI and reckless driving.

Angry ex arrested

Parachute police responded to a house on the 500 block of Yarrow Circle after getting reports that an angry ex-husband barged into a house, got into a fight and threatened to kill his ex-wife, her child and her new boyfriend.

After an extended altercation, the ex continued to circle the block in his Jeep Grand Cherokee, as a witness called police.

A woman at the residence said that he had barged in through the back door uninvited and began a fight with his ex-wife.

The current boyfriend told police that the ex-wife had been trying to leave the 33-year-old man. In an audio recording of the altercation, the Parachute officer could hear the ex-husband call the new boyfriend a derogatory name for a black person and threaten his life, according to an arrest report.

The ex-wife told police that she had left him in Delta, and while she was gone his dog was hit and killed by a car. She told police that her ex drove to Parachute “because he needed her love and affection,” but he “got drunk and started freaking out.”

However, everyone at the residence eventually denied that they had been assaulted.

Officers found he also had a mandatory protection order, with the ex-wife as the protected party, barring him from drinking alcohol.

He was arrested on charges of felony second-degree burglary, as well as misdemeanor violation of a protection order, misdemeanor menacing and misdemeanor violation of bond conditions.

Estranged husband arrested on trespassing

Rifle police responded Sunday morning to the 400 block of Hutton Avenue when a woman reported that her husband was intoxicated and refused to leave her residence.

A Rifle officer found the man asleep in a chair on the front porch. They had been separated for about four months at that point, and he no longer lives at the residence, she said. He had come over to visit their two children, but he was intoxicated and accusing her of sleeping with other people, according to an affidavit.

He was trying “to force kisses on her,” she said. After about 20 minutes of arguing, she was able to push him out the front door. Then, trying to get back in the house, he slapped her across her face, she told police.

He was arrested on felony first-degree trespass and misdemeanor harassment. Domestic violence was applied as a sentence enhancer.

motel purse swiping

Glenwood Springs police arrested a 43-year-old man they say stole an employee’s purse from the Silver Spruce Motel early Oct. 22.

At about 5 a.m., a man came in asking to use the bathroom, which the woman working the night desk allowed. But he then stayed in the lobby for another hour. She went to the bathroom, and when she came back out, she saw him running away. The woman later found her purse was missing. Inside she had IDs, some cash, as well as debit, credit and gift cards.

Later that evening, an officer responded to a complaint about a transient about a block from the motel. The officer found an abandoned bag, but inside were a couple of the cards stolen from the motel.

Video footage shows a man snatching the purse, and he was wearing a backpack that matches the one picked up by police. And officers recognized him as a 43-year-old man who’s had previous law enforcement contacts. Inside the bag were also some prescription bottles bearing his and his wife’s names.

He was arrested five days later on felony second-degree burglary, felony criminal possession of a financial device and misdemeanor theft.

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