Crime briefs: Intoxicated man throws dog, shoots cellphone |

Crime briefs: Intoxicated man throws dog, shoots cellphone

Ryan Summerlin

Parachute police Sunday evening arrested an intoxicated 28-year-old man who reportedly got into an argument with his wife, angrily threw the family dog across the room and shot his own cellphone.

The man had reportedly been drinking Kraken Black Spiced Rum at his apartment all day, while his wife and children were also home.

His mother-in-law told officers that the couple did not actually have custody of the kids. Rather, she did, “because she took the kids away months ago.” She said the couple “got the kids on the weekends and that everything had been going OK” until that incident.

When the family sat down to eat dinner, the dog, a pit bull, was sitting in the kitchen next to them. The man didn’t want the dog in the kitchen, and when it wouldn’t listen to him, he picked it up and “threw him across the room,” the wife told police. This frightened the children and made them cry, she said.

He later “pointed his gun at the dog while trying to get the dog to ‘lay down,’ ” according to an arrest report.

The couple got into a fight, and he eventually told her that he was kicking her out. He said things like “I’ll just be better off dead,” and threatened to shoot himself, according to an affidavit.

The wife called her mother to come get the kids. At the same time, the man called his mother-in-law, asking what his wife was telling her, and he started yelling at her, too. During their argument, his phone cut out. The wife told her mother that he “just shot his phone inside the apartment.”

At the apartment, officers recovered a smartphone, battery cover and battery, which all bore a small cylindrical hole, “consistent with a bullet fired from a firearm passing through them,” according to an officer. They found evidence indicating he fired into the fireplace, which shares a wall with his children’s bedroom, where the children were at the time.

The mother-in-law reported that he drove off with the gun, and she warned officers that the man was mentally unstable. Officers found him at the Parachute Inn. They ordered him to the ground at gunpoint and removed a loaded 9 mm Hi-Point from his waistband.

He was arrested on felony illegal discharge of a firearm, as well as misdemeanors for cruelty to animals, two counts of child abuse, three counts of reckless endangerment and two counts of prohibited use of weapon.

racist SLUR, tire slashing

While he was eating dinner at Miner’s Claim, a Silt police officer was called into action when a cook’s tires were being slashed outside.

The cook identified an older man in a cowboy hat in the parking lot as the culprit. The cook said he saw the man, whom he knew, near his vehicle and “he heard a loud pop and air coming from somewhere,” according to a police report. The older man reportedly said, “I got you” and added a racially derogatory name.

The officer confronted the 62-year-old Carbondale man in the parking lot. Asked whether he slashed the cook’s tires, the man “stated no he didn’t, he only peed on them.” The officer could immediately smell alcohol on his breath. The man said that the cook had stolen from him. He said the officer should be arresting the cook, who he again called a racially derogatory name.

Officers then noticed that his finger had been sliced and a large amount of blood was dripping onto the ground. “The cut extended from the inside of the finger, across his knuckle, and was consistent with an injury resulting from a knife blade closing,” the officer reported.

Though he told officers he didn’t have a knife, officers found a bloody silver foldable pocketknife in his pocket. Officers also found a box cutter, a flask of alcohol and some marijuana in the man’s backpack.

The man became uncooperative and started yelling obscenities, including racial slurs, drawing a crowd of people from the Miner’s Claim and nearby residences.

Officers took him to Valley View Hospital to get his finger checked out and he continued to be belligerent. “He threw himself on the ground and had to be picked up by officers to get him into the hospital,” an officer reported.

This behavior continued at the jail, where he refused to dress out and urinated on the intake room floor. The man was arrested on felony criminal mischief and petty offense disorderly conduct.

Angry mom pulls gun

Deputies went to a residence in Battlement Mesa on Monday morning after a man reported that his sister-in-law pulled a gun on him.

The 42-year-old man said that his sister-in-law was angry because he had called social services on her. The man’s mother, witness to the incident, told deputies that he called DHS because the woman’s house was filthy. The argument “got heated and [the man] was acting like an ass and being very mean,” the mother said.

The man “told her he only did what he thought was right for the kids,” he told deputies.

But the 41-year-old sister-in-law “jumped up out of the chair … and lifted up her shirt, and he saw a pistol in her waistband,” he told the deputy.

The man put his hands in the air and said “no need for that,” according to an affidavit. But she was still cussing him and she pulled the pistol from her waistband.

He bolted for his bedroom, closed the door and laid down in front of the door to hold it closed, while staying low in case she shot through, he told a deputy. The man said that she beat on the door but eventually left. Deputies found a square hole on the outside of the door, which the man said was from the pistol. When deputies asked if he was in fear for his life, and he said, “Yes, that’s why I ran.”

In the sister-in-law’s account, the man picked up a golf club during the argument and frightened her, as he had threatened to kill her in the past.

Still, the woman turned herself in, and the deputy arrested her on felony menacing and misdemeanor criminal mischief. The man was also arrested on misdemeanor harassment.

DUI arrest turns up cocaine

A Glenwood officer spotted a blue Mini Cooper approaching Ninth Street and Cooper Avenue a little after 1 a.m. Tuesday. The vehicle came to a stop well past the crosswalk of the intersection. Then when the car was making a left turn onto Grand Avenue, the driver pulled “halfway into the left turn lane for northbound traffic before jerking the vehicle back into the lane of travel,” according to a police report.

After stopping the car, the officer noticed a strong smell of alcohol. The 42-year-old woman driving had bloodshot, watery eyes, and she “spoke with a raspy, thick-tongued slur,” the officer reported.

Asked for her driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance, she handed the officer a Bank of America card. The officer told her he could smell alcohol and asked her how much she had to drink. She said, “No, I’m good.”

The woman said she had three or four drinks, then “one beer and one shot.” After a roadside sobriety test, she was arrested for DUI. A breath test found her BAC at .182, more than double the legal limit. In her purse, the officer found multiple bags and paraphernalia with white residue, as well as small chunks of white powder. Both tested positive for cocaine.

She was arrested on felony possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor DUI.

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