Crime Briefs‘Live or die?’ asks glasses thief |

Crime Briefs‘Live or die?’ asks glasses thief

Ryan Summerlin

Glenwood Springs police responded to the Loco Gas Station on the afternoon of Dec. 9 after a man was reportedly making threatening statements and stole a few pairs of cheap sunglasses.

The man first tried to buy a bus ticket at the gas station, but a female employee told him they don’t sell bus tickets on weekends. The man argued with her for a few minutes. Then he leaned over the counter toward her and said, “Do you want to live or die?” according to an affidavit.

She stepped back and he twice said, “I am being nice.” The man twice more repeated, “Do you want to live or die?”

The man went to the bathroom, and the employees called police. He then came back out and said again, “Do you want to live or die?” Then he picked out three pairs of glasses and stared at the employees while walking out with them. He “continued to try to intimidate [the two] by walking past the front doors with the sunglasses while staring at [them].”

A police officer found a man matching the given description walking down the street and detained him when he refused to stop and talk to officers.

He had a pair of Pug sunglasses on his head, and officers found two more pairs on him.

He was arrested on felony robbery, as well as misdemeanor menacing and petty offense theft.

27-year-old arrested on meth distribution

Two Rivers Drug Enforcement Team officers were in Carbondale on Dec. 7 looking for a 27-year-old man wanted on an Eagle County warrant for dangerous drugs.

The officers spotted a truck pull up to the Days Inn Hotel with the 27-year-old in the passenger seat. While making the arrest, TRIDENT officers found “a substantial amount of methamphetamine” in a backpack behind the passenger seat, according to an affidavit.

TRIDENT officers say that the 27-year-old claimed ownership of the bag, in which they also found his ID.

In the pack they found a plastic baggie containing white crystal substance weighing 22.43 grams. This substance later tested positive for methamphetamine. A TRIDENT officer reported that this amount is “much more than the average methamphetamine user will keep with them in the Garfield County area. [The 27-year-old] is also known by TRIDENT to be a methamphetamine and heroin user …”

Another baggy containing a dark brown substance, which tested positive for heroin, weighed .63 grams.

The 27-year-old was arrested on felony charges of possession with intent to distribute between seven and 112 grams of methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine and possession of heroin.

Debt dispute intensifies with a knife

Garfield County deputies responded to an altercation near Glenwood Springs on Sunday morning. A man had reportedly pulled a knife and drove aggressively toward a man who owed him money.

A 24-year-old man reported that he saw a 21-year-old man, and, recalling that the younger man owed him money, he stopped to ask about it. He told deputies that the younger man tried to hit him. In response, he pulled out a knife and got back into his truck.

On the other hand, when the deputy spoke to the 21-year-old, he reported that the older man had jumped out of his truck and pulled the knife on him immediately, yelling about the owed money and swinging the blade trying to slice the younger man’s arms.

The 24-year-old then jumped back in his truck and “spun the tires from acceleration,” driving the truck rapidly toward the younger man, the 21-year-old reported. The deputy described this as “operating a motor vehicle in a reckless manner” and an attempt to cause serious bodily injury. At one point the younger man threw a rock at the older man’s truck and broke a window. Another witness’s account confirmed the younger man’s story, and therefore the 24-year-old was arrested.

At the jail, detentions deputies found him with multiple pills of Clonazepam and Xanax, both of which are controlled substances.

He was arrested on felony charges of vehicular assault, aggravated menacing with a weapon, criminal attempt to commit and first-degree introduction of contraband. His arresting charges also included possession of a controlled substance and driving without a valid license.

Repeat traffic offender threatens arresting cop

A Glenwood police officer spotted a black truck run a stop sign at Eighth Street and Cooper Avenue the evening of Dec. 7.

Stopping the vehicle, the officer found that the 40-year-old’s license was revoked. The man said that he is a “mobile mechanic” and that he had to drive, despite his revoked license, according to the officer. He also found the driver had been stopped multiple times and issued summonses for driving on the revoked license.

As the man was rummaging through his things in the truck, looking for his proof of insurance, the officer saw three different summonses in a pile of paperwork.

This police contact became more aggressive when the officer hauled the 40-year-old into jail.

“When we arrived at the jail [he] became verbally aggressive towards me,” the officer reported. As he got out of the patrol car, the man got into the officer’s face and started cursing at him and making threatening statements.

He was saying things like, “You better watch your back,” “I’ll be out tomorrow [expletive], you better watch your back,” and “I’m coming after you [expletive].”

The officer took these statements as threats to his life.

Later, as the officer was passing by, the 40-year-old then hurled a boot, which the officer was able to duck before it hit his face. The man stood up and took an aggressive stance toward the officer, saying “what the [expletive] are you gonna do [expletive]?” according to an arrest report.

He “was taking deep heavy breaths and clinching his fists. [His] eyes were wide and it felt as if he was looking right through me. I felt that if [he] was not handcuffed to the bench he would have attacked me, and at that time I felt I was in grave danger,” the officer reported.

The 40-year-old was arrested on felony charges of attempted second-degree assault and attempt to influence a public servant. His arresting charges also included misdemeanors for driving under revocation and no proof of insurance.

DUI suspect found with suspected cocaine

A Colorado State Patrol trooper spotted a Chevrolet Trail Blazer weaving and driving erratically on eastbound Colorado 82 the evening of Dec. 9.

The trooper also observed the SUV following another vehicle too closely. After the trooper stopped the SUV, the 27-year-old driver said he did not have a license, and the trooper noted a strong smell of alcohol on his breath. The driver said he’d drank one beer.

Along with two other passengers, the trooper saw empty beer bottles and a large whiskey bottle in the SUV.

Asked to step out of the vehicle, the 27-year-old appeared to be unsteady, the trooper reported. He then failed a roadside sobriety test, and a breath test at the jail later measured his BAC at .091. At the jail, detentions deputies also found the 27-year-old with small bag of what they suspected to be cocaine in his jacket.

He was arrested on felony possession of the controlled substance cocaine, as well as misdemeanors for driving under the influence and driving without a license.

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