Crime briefs: Colorado Springs man nabbed for alleged counterfeiting |

Crime briefs: Colorado Springs man nabbed for alleged counterfeiting

The cashier at a Glenwood Springs gas station became suspicious when a man attempted to pay for a small item with one of a stack of $20 bills with apparently still-wet ink and no watermark on the morning of Nov. 8.

Glenwood Police quickly tracked down a car matching the clerk’s description, but were told that the man had gone into the store alone and been dropped off earlier. He had trouble getting out of the back, the driver said, due to the child lock, and she stayed behind to fix it. A search of the car yielded no cash, and the driver and passenger were only able to provide a first name and last initial.

Officers found a matching name on the register at a local hotel. According the arrest affidavit for the 27-year-old from Colorado Springs, it took four minutes for the man to answer the door while police heard drawers opening, paper rustling and the toilet flushing from inside. The man reportedly denied knowing the bill was fake and declined to give permission for a search on the grounds that someone else had booked the room under his name.

He also reportedly said the scanners and printers inside weren’t his. A search warrant would later yield numerous recently printed bills, including a set of printouts in the toilet.

Once handcuffed, the man allegedly offered to supply information on co-conspirators in exchange for clemency, but was nevertheless booked on presumptive charges of forgery, possession of a forgery device and possession of forged instrument, all felonies.

Hit, run leads to drug arrest

What started as a hit-and-run investigation led to drug charges on Nov. 18 after cocaine was found on the suspected driver.

A deputy spotted a car with a damaged bumper and a matching description on Interstate 70 shortly after the accident near Glenwood. According to the arrest affidavit, the car changed lanes without signaling, clipped one vehicle and almost hit another before exiting at New Castle and pulling into the City Market parking lot.

The car was empty when the deputy arrived, but suspicion fell on a man standing behind a car nearby. The allegedly intoxicated 29-year-old male denied being the driver of the Nissan, but matched a photo taken at the scene.

Though asserting that he didn’t have any drugs on him, a baggy of what turned out to be cocaine was found as he was being arrested. He was booked on presumptive charges of possession of a controlled substance and introducing contraband, both felonies, as well as failing to report an accident, driving while revoked as a habitual traffic offender, careless driving and two restraining order violations, all misdemeanors.

couch surfer caught

A Glenwood resident and his guests returned from a smoke break on the afternoon of Nov. 20 to find a man on his couch. The man, who had cuts on his hands and seemed intoxicated, was reportedly unable to justify his presence and punched a member of the group in the face when asked to leave.

According to the arrest affidavit, after the group had forced him out of the house, police repeatedly attempted to apprehend the man, but he would take off running when police approached. After a second alleged home invasion, officers finally caught up with him in the cab of a pickup that was not his own.

After he was positively identified by the first homeowner, the 19-year-old was booked on presumptive charges of first-degree burglary, a felony, two counts of felony criminal trespass, as well as police obstruction, third degree assault and breach of a restraining order, all felonies, and minor in possession, a petty offense.

Editor’s note: Crime Briefs are drawn from arrest affidavits and other public documents. Summonses or arrests merely indicate an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent unless found guilty in court.

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