Little Angels Daycare suspended |

Little Angels Daycare suspended

Ryan Summerlin
Walter Daugherty
Garfield County Sheriff’s Office |

Little Angels Daycare in Carbondale was served a summary suspension Tuesday following one of its owners being charged with sexual assault on a child in late July.

Walter Daugherty, 74, was arrested after a 4-year-old girl who had gone to the day care told her parents that “Walter” had her touch his penis in the bathroom.

Daugherty’s wife, who holds the day care’s license, received the suspension, which triggers a legal process that could last from two to six months.

The license would be revoked by default if the licensee doesn’t respond in two months of receiving a notice of charges from the attorney general’s office, said Lindsey Dorneman, communications manager at the Colorado Office of Early Childhood.

If the licensee pursues a hearing, the process could last upwards of six months before a final decision is issued.

Daugherty told investigators the incident happened during potty training, he didn’t know why his penis was out of his pants and he felt terrible about it. He was barred from the center on July 5.

The mother of the little girl told investigators that at first she thought there must have been some misunderstanding, that she “trusted these people so much.”

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