Thompson Creek leak deemed non-hazard |

Thompson Creek leak deemed non-hazard

Ryan Summerlin
An orange fluid was found to be leaking from a PVC pipe along North Thompson Creek on Wednesday afternoon. Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection District officials are responding to investigate.
Courtesy Bjorn Carlson |

The Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection District and a Pitkin County deputy responded to a call Wednesday about a pipe leaking orange fluid into Thompson Creek along upper Thompson Creek Road west of town.

A hiker from Carbondale discovered the leaking fluid Wednesday afternoon and called the authorities, suspecting he was looking at a leak from an old mine in the area.

But Rob Goodwin, deputy fire chief for Carbondale Fire, said they’d found an old water tank nearby and believe the fluid is just rusty water rather than a hazardous materials situation. Pitkin County Health and Human Services is expected to go to the area and do a full assessment, Goodwin said.

Bjorn Carlson, the hiker who discovered the orange fluid, told the Post Independent that it is leaking directly into the creek from a PVC pipe sticking out of the ground. He described the flow as about five to 10 feet wide.

The area is home to the long-dormant old Thompson Creek coal mine.

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