Criticism of Kriz |

Criticism of Kriz

Dear Editor,

When I read Ken Kriz’s letter to the Editor (“Sundin wrong about Bush’s energy policy, Feb. 15), I was astounded at a few of the short-sighted comments that he made.

The most amazing statement to me is: “In the meantime, we must develop our oil supplies where God put them.” If he is referring to all of the oil reserves in America, we hold less than 3 percent of all the world’s oil. If he is speaking of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, that only has enough oil to supply us for 50 days. Lastly, if he is referring to all of the world’s oil, if we burn it all, our scientists say, the waste produced by it will kill us all.

The next sentence was also remarkable: “Fortunately, God put them where people do not live – i.e. the Gulf of Mexico, off California”… etc. Ken, we ALL live on this Earth, exploiting resources and giving them to countries with ravenous consumption, affects all of us.

Later in that same sentence, Kriz remarks that technology will find a way to get oil out of the Western Colorado shale deposits. Ken, didn’t you read any of the papers in this valley when they thought that there was a possibility of oil in our shale? It has been conclusively proven that the cost of extracting the miniscule amount of oil in those rocks is astronomical and not worth the effort.

I also believe that you jumped to the wrong conclusion in the next paragraph when you said that it was good that the President had met with oil men on the energy policy because they knew the business. I agree with you to a small degree in that, yes, the oil men know their business. However, what they know is limited to their business; and the information that they give to our President will be in the best interest for their industry, and there are other industries that have very good opinions.

Most respectfully,

Andrew Enren


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