Criticisms not founded on fact |

Criticisms not founded on fact

Dear Editor,

From one of the silent majority.

A response to some of the comments in recent letters to the editor is in order, I believe. Mr. R.T. Moolick has exhibited an extraordinary case of diarrhea of the pen and severe constipation of the brain. He can sit in on one meeting and digest fully the culmination of more than a year’s worth of meetings, board meetings and court conferences, etc. His remarks concerning the Westbank attorney are completely out of line and border on slander, in my opinion.

Our attorney did everything required of him by the board of directors of the Westbank Homeowners Association, and did it well. The WBHOA board wanted to make sure they represented the wishes of the majority of the homeowners in Westbank regarding the Prehm Ranch (Marlin Colorado Ltd.) problem; so, they called a special meeting of the homeowners in December 2001 to present the facts to the homeowners. The meeting was attended or represented by 71 percent of the members (a very good representation). Everyone was given an opportunity to speak and/or ask questions without time limits.

A motion was made, seconded, voted on by roll call and passed 56 to 14. The motion in effect directed the board to seek a settlement rather than go through litigation (if possible). The parameters of the settlement had already been somewhat established at a settlement hearing with Judge Craven as directed by Judge Ossola.

This brings us to the hearing at which Mr. Moolick appeared (and left early). The only naive person at the hearing was Mr. Moolick. There is no Westbank Golf Course, and the golf course next to Westbank is private and Westbank has no financial interest in it whatsoever. Go get a clue before you “moo.”

This may sound as if l’m in favor of the Prehm connection. I definitely am not. I also live on Oak Lane and if the access was never allowed it would be fine with me. However, there are things which bother me more and John Martin’s plan to allow uncontrolled public biking and pedestrian traffic to traverse from Glenwood to Carbondale is far worse than controlled automobile traffic from a private road onto the Westbank Roads.

I also hope Mr. Arensman is reading this. There will be no illegal roads through Westbank. Everyone, please find out what the discussion is about before you comment. There is a saying to the effect that if you’re ignorant and don’t know it, you’ll prove it by speaking out.

Fred Rowland


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