CrossFit puts the fun back into working hard, looking great |

CrossFit puts the fun back into working hard, looking great

Just a teenage boy with a dream!.Before my sophomore year I was a video game playing nerd who weighed 135 pounds, was 6 feet, 2 inches, and was tired of being called bean pole. Elite fitness then became my goal with the plan of training hard and ditching the TV. Making improvements slowly in college I stumbled across CrossFit, which from all my searching has proven to be the most effective and efficient fitness program I have ever come across. Decided that I would be either teaching or doing CrossFit for the rest of my life. My wife, baby girl and I started CrossFit Generate out of our 10-foot-by-20-foot garage with a few weights, pull up bars, and some medicine balls. Now we just had the grand opening of our 3000-square-foot new facility right next to Mr. T’s Hardware store. Our membership is soaring, and I now have time to train for the CrossFit Games.

Elite fitness. Listen, who doesn’t want to feel good about their body? Who wouldn’t want to gain elite fitness from only a few hours of training and stretching each week? Who doesn’t want to be able to kick their friends’ butt at any physical feat? Who on this great wide earth wouldn’t want their spouse to exclaim “Awoooga!” at the sight of them? That is why just about everyone has a membership to a fitness club that they use once a month. Traditional fitness centers are boring, mundane, poorly programmed, and simply no fun. On top of all that once you pay the membership fee each month you now need a personal trainer to get any real results out of it at $45 to $100 per hour. People guilt themselves to go back to this hopeless environment just so they don’t completely feel like a “bump on a log” slob. Why not make fitness challenging, completely informative, teach all the tips of the trade professional athletes use, make it fun, cost effective, and mix it the heck up? That is exactly what CrossFit has done, functional movements, performed at high intensity with constant variance. CrossFit is the cure.

Look people, it’s simple – in today’s economy people are less likely to hand over money for poor value when they can pay $40 less for the same service or product somewhere else like Walmart or a second-rate traditional fitness facility. If you want to make it, you have to have high value and lots of it. The reason why we are so successful is because our clients are more fit, look better and have a ton of fun. If you are going to charge money for someone to get their butt kicked, it had better be a blast. It may not be a blast the next morning, however.

We offer the opportunity for an associate to be paid extremely well by paying them a portion of the business monthly profits. In other words, the better the associate performs, the better the business performs, the bigger the associate’s paycheck. In fact, everyone’s paycheck is tied to the culmination of the team’s attitude, work ethic and creativity. Now let’s back up as I am getting ahead of myself. First of all, the most important question I ask a potential associate is “What is CrossFit and overall fitness to you?” To be hired it needs to be their obsession. Our trainers early on were spending every waking moment possible improving their technique, training their own body and training others. It’s what they live for. And now on top of having complete access to their “crack” they get paid as well. It’s a win-win-win situation. All our trainers walk the walk and talk the talk. They won’t teach you to do anything they are not able and are actively doing themselves to their own body. In fitness the trainer’s body should be the guinea pig, not the athlete’s.

On that note, you are crazy if you hire a doctor, personal trainer, physical therapist, or any other professional whose job is to make you physically better if those individuals do not look great with their shirt off themselves. Why in the name of all things good and sensible would you hire someone to improve you physically, when they are the size of planets or obviously don’t exhibit an elite fitness status? If they don’t have it, what makes you think they know how to give it to you? Come on. It’s like taking piano lessons from a first-grader.

The great thing about CrossFit is that it is inspiring. People go nuts when they do their first pull up or when they jump on a 20-inch box, even if it takes two years to master. Also, CrossFit’s competitive atmosphere drives and delivers. You don’t have to be bored to death of the same routine: treadmill, weights, machines, abs, go home … and that’s if I even get to the gym. Boring. Also, CrossFit develops a community. You sweat and bleed with fellow athletes, men and women who help guide you along and call you when you don’t come in. Traditional gyms will only call you when your credit card expires. Growth is kind of a no-brainer because we generate such a high value. Clients are guided by trainers and co-athletes the whole way facilitating a catalyst environment that is contagious. All of our clients wonder how fit they would be now if they had started CrossFit an extra year earlier.

The best thing about running a business here is the high rate of suspicious people. Now if you haven’t adjusted to my (sick) sense of humor yet, or if you are insecure and taking life too seriously, don’t mistake the above with sarcasm. Cost of living here is high, and lots of opportunists look to this valley to take advantage of slightly higher than middle class populations, thus resulting in skepticism running rampant. Because of this standoffish attitude, citizens demand that great service be provided in exchange for premium prices. The New Castle population pushes us to be better trainers, business owners, community citizens, and fun-having die-hards. We cannot be appreciative enough of constantly being pushed to bettering ourselves and our community. Thanks. We won’t let you down.

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