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Davis won’t seek recount, offers parting wisdom

Rick Davis

Dear Editor,

After Tuesday’s election and the three-vote margin between Larry Beckwith and myself, Wednesday was a roller coaster ride. Several times throughout the day I was told there would be an automatic recount, and then I was told there would not be one. On Thursday morning I spoke with County Clerk Mildred Alsdorf, and was informed that they don’t feel that a recount is warranted. I have the right to request (and pay for) a recount.

A recount would delay the seating of the councilor for Ward 1; it would also delay the election of mayor. I have decided to step down at this time. I will not request a recount. The city can proceed with the business it needs to do.

A three-vote margin is hard to walk away from. To those many who have supported me over the years, I apologize for not pursuing it any further. To those in Ward 1 and the city, thank you for letting me serve.

I have a few parting thoughts.

Voting is important. One vote really matters, and this race is a good example.

Paying attention to what goes on in your community is important. Get informed, don’t necessarily believe that what you read in the paper or in letters to the editor are facts. Some things are strong opinions, some things are sensationalized and some things are half-truths. You owe it to yourself to get the facts.

So much has been said about the council not listening to the will of the people. Yet this is often used with selective memory. That type of criticism is not fair, nor is it productive.

Hold your City Council accountable, but reserve your judgment. They make the best decisions they can based on the information they have at the time. Give them room to move, give them support and encouragement.

When you see a councilor on the street, let them know they are doing a good job. A kind word goes a long ways. Council is not easy. It takes much time and effort. Those elected to serve deserve your support.

Rick Davis

Glenwood Springs

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