Dealing With Noisy Pipes |

Dealing With Noisy Pipes

ED DEL GRANDEHGTVPro.comGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Q: Ed, I know you do a lot more than plumbing and I have a question about my heating system that you can help me with. When we turn on our forced hot water heating system, we hear a lot of noise like water rushing through the pipes. We have had technicians come down and drain and fill the system but the noise comes back every year and is very upsetting and I can’t sleep. Is there anything we can do to stop this yearly cycle? – Allen, Alaska.A: Allen, you do need a lot of heat in Alaska. And so I can understand that you would also like quiet heat at night and I think I know what you’re going through.Forced hot water heat is just like the name states: It’s water forced through a closed piping system with a circulator. Every forced hot water system will make some clicking and/or water rushing noises, but your noise sounds as if it’s a little excessive. This probably is due to air getting into your heating lines. Once that happens, a heating technician can purge the lines of air and that will usually solve the problem.But in same cases the system for one reason or another may require constant purging. If this happens, the best solution is to have a qualified heating contractor install an “air elimination valve” to automatically remove air fro your heating lines. This can be a little costly because it requires draining the system, cutting in and installing the control and then refilling the system. But it’s well worth the money, especially if the running water noise is causing you to go running for the restroom every night.Three-time Master Plumber and Contractor Ed Del Grande hosts TV shows and live events for HGTVPro. Send construction and plumbing questions to: or visit Ed at online at Always consult with local contractors and codes.

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