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Dear Editor,

Bush must approve of the nuclear destruction of NYC! He knows this is the retaliation chosen by Muslim terrorists upon the assassination of Saddam. Bush has received Baha’i press releases, showing that both Nostradamus and the Gospels foretell this. These releases were published in Harpers Magazine. You can read them here: http://www.bahaifaith.net/releases.htm.

Bush knows of the Fatwah issued by bin Laden, stating whatever weapons we use on the Muslims, the same weapons would be used on United States. Bush is using “Bunker Buster” burrowing nuclear missiles to “smoke Saddam out of his tunnels”! And the White House knows al Qaeda has acquired at least 20 nuclear “suitcase” bombs. “Al Qaeda: Brotherhood of Terror” – Paul Williams

Bush quotes the Bible to justify his actions. The verse he doesn’t want you to read is: “Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates. And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.” Revelation 9:14-16. The river Euphrates runs through Iraq and Baghdad! Doesn’t Bush read the Bible? Why is he trying to fulfill prophesies for Armageddon?

I see a peaceful world civilization with true justice coming. I anticipate working with the diverse peoples, who survive the eminent catastrophe, in rebuilding an enduring peaceful society of humans.

There is a solution to this crisis offered at: http://www.uhj.net. Judge with wisdom, friends.

Robert Wright

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

After reading the editorials and the letters to the editor in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent over the past few days, the assumption could be made that the majority of the American people are against this war. The polls show otherwise, the majority of the American people do support the president’s position and the actions he has taken.

The GSPI is usually extremely liberal in its reporting, so I wonder how you choose the letters you print?

I do hope that you print a fair representation of the letters you receive and not just the ones that support the paper’s position.

I urge anyone who does support the president to write to the GSPI showing your support. Let the protesters know we do support our president and the decision he has made. Let our troops know we support them and they are not over there for nothing.


Sandy Crabtree

New Castle

Editor’s note: We do not withhold letters from publication based on political views. A purpose of the letters section is to foster lively political debate – not stifle it or misrepresent the level of letter-writer support for any position.

Dear Editor,

Because Daschle did not agree with Bush, he is criticized by Hastert, Bush brown nose, who says Daschle is not supportive of the men and women in the service. Wrong! Millions say Bush is wrong to declare war in Iraq. We do have free speech in the United States of America. I am sorry the men and women are over there in a war to start with. Bush knows that if he is not in war, or wins the war, he will not be elected president in 2004. It will not be handed to him again, he will have to earn it the old-fashioned way.

Our government tells so many lies it is hard to tell what is true. Bush has squandered the surplus in a few months plus other money that was supposed to be used for Social Security and other senior benefits. I hope he never has time to “redo” Medicare; if he does, we won’t have any.

Bush has put us so far in debt (not including the cost of war) that the next president will have a real problem. I hope the next president can stand up, not lean on his elbow, not make up so many blunders when he speaks. If Bush stayed in the White House office, not out campaigning and vacationing, he might learn something. He depends on Cheney and Rummy to tell him what to do and say. Think how rich those will be with all that oil – unless, of course, Saddam sets it all on fire. They left Colin Powell out in the cold; he will probably be made the scapegoat.

Bush never served a day in his life. His daddy kept him out. Hope you read the letters in the Aspen Daily News Michael Moose and Kathryn Preston wrote on March 19. Those are great letters. I agree with all they said. Remember to vote!

Mildred Baumli


Dear Editor,

During the last Desert Storm America suffered 138 casualties, mostly due to accidents and friendly fire. Not bad compared to the 125,000 Iraqi civilians killed. (Ramsey Clark and the International War Crimes Tribunal of 1991 (http://deoxy.org/wc).

Unfortunately 9,600 troops soon died after returning home due to extreme radiation exposure from the 80-plus tons of depleted uranium munitions the U.S. rained on Iraq.

Deemed unharmful by the US military, the vaporized uranium 238 is held responsible by the medical establishment for the illnesses that led to 36 percent of all Desert Storm soldiers that were eventually declared disabled, (National Public Radio news report). It’s also blamed for the leukemia deaths of a million Iraqi children in the past 12 years.

Though the UN has declared DU weaponry illegal under the 1977 Geneva Protocols, the American military continues to use it, (300 tons in Afghanistan last year), poisoning U.S. troops and foreign children alike. I can imagine that the radiation from vaporized DU weapons eventually rides the breeze back home to the U.S.

Support our troops; demand an end to this terrible form of nuclear warfare.


John Hoffmann


Dear Editor,

We should also be praising the companies who are trying to comply with the law (yes, it is a federal law), and check their employee’s legality and privilege (not a “given right”) of working in our great country. Anyway, the program that’s causing all the consternation is one designed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to clear up mismatched names and Social Security numbers, plus misspellings, name changes and other errors.

The truth is the Social Security Administration actually does have the responsibility for verifying who indeed does have a valid Social Security number and, thus, a right to work in this country. Rather than going after SSA and their attempts to track legitimate SSA numbers, we should be praising them. The only people affected by this is the illegal immigrants. It, in no way, affects legitimate legal immigrants or citizens.

Illegal aliens fleeing the workplace as a result is exactly what should be happening.


Marty Lich


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