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Dear Editor,

Buying a home?

For most people buying a home can be, and usually is, a stressful yet rewarding experience. For others it can be a financial nightmare for years to come.

Be very careful about choosing the mortgage company you do business with.

Not all are honest in our valley. Most are, not all.

Call the Better Business Bureau. Shop around, and listen to your gut!

Karen Ward


Dear Editor,

I am astonished that the Re-2 school district would even entertain the thought of voting in favor of more tax burden. In the board president’s own words, we are suffering from the “downturn of the American economy.” Who is going to make up for the lack of money due to the economy?

When my budget gets short, I look at how my money is being spent. The problem with this situation is we the taxpayers do not see the day-to-day decisions by the administration that affect how our tax monies are being spent.

The huge construction projects that Re-2 has in progress have cost and will cost us millions of dollars. Have these monies been spent wisely?

Have decisions been made that could have saved us monies that could have been used for salaries instead? Are the monies paid to these projects staying in our communities rather than being sent to big-city contractors outside of our struggling local economy?

Has the contract process been competitive and open? Have the contract expenditures been published complete with change orders and utility and site expenditures?

For years, the Re-2 administration invested wisely and prudently, planning for expansion and saving even in the lean years. Now, it seems we never have enough money to manage.

Maybe it is time to slow down and look at the expenditure process before we willingly give Re-2 more of our tax money.

Fred Kuersten

New Castle

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my gratitude to Jeremy Heiser for the recognition he has given to the teachers of the valley. It seems that more and more teachers are hearing voices of dissent instead of voices of praise. Jeremy’s letter was a much welcomed pat on the back.

Often comparisons are made between our public and private schools, and between the schools of the U.S. and schools in other countries.

These comparisons often lack one crucial fact: In American public schools we welcome every student, regardless of family income, religious background, ethnicity, or entrance exams.

It is this foundation of principles that has made both our country and our schools great and a home for the common man.

I would like to offer praise to my peers who greet every morning with a smile on their face and welcome each child with open arms. Hold your head up high and be proud, you truly do make a difference.

Cory Scheffel

5th Grade teacher

Glenwood Springs

Elementary School

Dear Editor,

I would like to address this to the people in the newer, dark-colored truck with Colorado license plates speeding through South Canyon on Saturday, Sept. 6. You know who you are.

As you sped by me, I noticed a cute puppy in the bed of the truck.

“How cute he is,” I thought.

But then I realized he was standing with his front paws on the rail. No kennel, no leash. At the very least he should have had a collar or harness and leash attached to something in the bed of the truck to keep him there. I shook my finger at you and told you to watch out.

A minute later, as I came around the corner, you were nowhere to be seen. The vehicles in front of me started slowing down, so I changed lanes. A large truck two vehicles ahead stopped, and a woman rushed out of the driver’s side toward a small mass in the road ahead. It was the puppy. She gathered it close, and ran back to her truck.

I was horrified, then so very angry. I sped up to try and catch you and let you know what happened, but you had disappeared. My only regret is that I didn’t get your license number to file charges.

People like you don’t deserve the love and loyalty of pets. Please, if anyone sees this happening, stop the drivers and let them know what can happen.

Shannon Kyle

New Castle

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