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Dear Editor,

Could whoever is responsible for the tattered, dirty American flag that is flying at Two Rivers Park please replace it immediately?

As a veteran, I pray that its condition improves. It is not acceptable to fly our flag in this condition at any time.

Ronda Dennie-Davis

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

The political cartoon in the May 24 edition of your paper, which poses the question, “Why do the Democrats keep losing,” is offensive on several levels. The Democrats didn’t lose in Colorado in the last election, which show that “Eastern elitists” are not the cause of Democrat loses in recent elections.

Most offensive is the depiction of a person holding a Bible and saying, “Hmmm … never seen one of these before …” John Kerry, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter had deep ties to the Bible and could hold their own in any discussion of its content. Also, the civil rights movement was led by Democrats with outstanding biblical insight, such as Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis and Andy Young.

For many Democrats, the Bible is the source of the values the Democrats embrace, such as a distaste of war, the concern for justice for all and not only the wealthy, the cause of the poor and oppressed peoples of the world, and integrity in social and political life.

It is unfortunate that this cartoon perpetuates the misconception that the Bible is known only by the right wing of American politics, where it is used as a weapon to divide the American people.

The Rev. Paul Light


Dear Editor,

I believe the Garfield sheriff’s office is out of control. I am a former resident who returned to Glenwood yesterday in support of a female friend, who appeared in District Court charged with various crimes as a result of a domestic dispute. I was flabbergasted.

My friend was seated in the jury gallery, along with seven other ladies, all handcuffed, shackled at the ankles, and clothed in outlandish prison pajamas with three-inch black and white horizontal stripes.

None of the lady defendants had been convicted. Therefore, under the U.S. Constitution, all were innocent until proven otherwise. At this point, their only failing was getting arrested and not having the wherewithal to make bail.

These gals posed no threat. They could have been brought into court one at a time, whenever their case was called, and without irons and without the degrading costume. There is absolutely no justification for subjugating female inmates, innocent by law, with these chain gang accouterments.

During these court proceedings, men who had been bailed or released on their own recognizance appeared, over and over, dressed in street clothes. No additional disgrace for them. There was more than a hint of institutionalized misogyny (Western style) in court today.

The sheriff must be told that he, too, is bound by laws ” and that our federal Constitution is the chief law. It demands that innocents be treated as such.

Joe Kaplan

Estes Park

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