Dear Editor,

Dear members of the Glenwood City Council.

I notice today that the park-and-ride lot at Traver Trail and Highway 6 has been posted “No Parking Any Time, Tow Away Zone.” Can any of you explain why after years of being a carpool and bus parking lot the city has decided to close the lot to all parking?

The only possible reason I can think of is because the employees of the tram and caverns are parking there. There is room for tram and caverns staff parking, for park and ride and carpool parking. Is the city staff attempting to make life difficult for the tram operators?

With all the discussion of limited parking in the downtown area we should be encouraging park-and-ride lots rather than closing them to the public.

Would one of you please bring up the closing of this park-and-ride lot and have the “No Parking Any Time, Tow Away Zone” removed? We need all the parking we can get in this city. The city should be doing what it can to help the caverns and the tram succeed rather than making life difficult for them and for the residents who use this lot.

Joe O’Donnell

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

It is a shame, Connie Beever from Palm Springs, that you had a bad experience in Glenwood Springs for the two days you were here. Glenwood will be my retirement home in three months. I’m moving from Colorado Springs to Glenwood for a better quality of life.

I have come to Glenwood since 1980 and I hate to come back because I always have a fantastic time in Glenwood. I’ve never ever had one bad experience there. The scenery, the people, the slower pace of life have not changed and I can’t wait to relocate to Glenwood.

I lived in San Jose, Calif., and I had a CB radio stolen from my van. I never wrote a letter to the San Jose Mercury newspaper to tell them how much what happened upset me. I too felt violated but I don’t hold it against San Jose. No matter where you live these things happen. Who knows, maybe whoever took your suitcase and shopping bag was not from Glenwood.

Did you leave your items in plain sight? Even though Glenwood is a fairly small town, take precautions to guard your personal belongings.

You should not reflect your violation towards the town of Glenwood but to the ones who did this to you.

Glenwood is wonderful, not sad. On a scale of 1 to 10, Glenwood Springs on my scale is an 11.

Jackie Schwartz

Colorado Springs

Dear Editor,

I agree that only a percentage of a given population is responsible for bad happenings in the United States/world. However, specific ethnic groups are the majority leaders in perpetuating these very bad things, so yes, we better watch the ones we know have al Qaida/bin Laden ties.

The original two 9-11 planners came to the United States under false pretenses. One entered the country on a false student visa, and purchased his fraudulent ID through an illegal migrant worker; the second man entered this country under a fake business visa, and also purchased fake ID papers allowing him to stay.

Has this visa problem gone away? Well, we are unable to locate 314,000 illegal Middle Easterners who have been formally ordered to be deported, but vanished in the United States (see Do I hate Muslims, Middle Easterners, Mexicans, Germans, or Chinese? Nope, but I believe we should take a close look at all people we know are coming from countries known to have terrorist ties. Otherwise we are simply fooling ourselves.

If a known child kidnapper was seen driving a red Corvette in your neighborhood, and the police did not stop/question all red Corvettes driving around your area, would you be upset if another child from your neighborhood was kidnapped the next day by someone driving a red Corvette? Probably yes, but isn’t that “stereotyping” all red Corvette owners?

Just sign me “Soccer Mom,” who has done her homework.

Marty Lich


Dear Editor,

With the latest ad from our MidFirst Bank “neighbors” we learn what they’d “like to see happen in Glenwood Springs.” They also explain their commitment to our “best interests” and their “best solution” for Red Feather Ridge (RFR).

Their local attorney says MidFirst will lose money on 57 lots and possibly break even with 157 lots. With their “burden”of building and financing 23 affordable homes, reasonable calculations yield over $4 million in mortgage interest alone. For a family-owned bank (with $63.975 million in net earnings and a $101.65 million “allowance for possible loan losses” for 2002) this “interest” might not be considered “making money.”

MidFirst’s Oklahoma way of thinking is also shown through:

1) their original solution of a “high quality, attractive project” having over 250 homesites;

2) their being the true force behind “GS Neighbors for Responsible Planning,” revealed only after public inquiry;

3) their ads touting “independent” studies, yet done and paid for by the bank;

4) paying for and getting “better” answers from a Denver-area consultant, when not satisfied with the results presented by a local firm, for their “RFR Fiscal Assessment”, and

5) falsely leading citizens to believe the bank will pay for and develop parkland and ballfields.

Instead of being “pseudo-neighbors,” I invite MidFirst’s family shareholders to build a residence in whatever incarnation RFR takes and become involved, contributing neighbors. Come and know first-hand what we love about our Glenwood Springs community and the concerns we have for our future.

No for now,

Greg Jeung

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Did you know that if you register for a cultural study tour with Colorado Mountain College and it is postponed for a year you are not entitled to a full refund?

Did you know that CMC gives you assurance that you are protected by the best travel insurance and when it comes to a claim they refuse coverage?

Did you know that you cannot exercise your option of a personal explanation for a postponed class and receive less than half of the cost?

For anyone considering a cultural tour with CMC I would suggest a thorough research of the program and the fine lines that are not expressed but are certainly attached. I regret my choice of having faith in a CMC tour of China and Tibet. I paid the cost of the trip and when it was postponed I found it necessary to cancel. A year postponement was beyond my ability to plan, considering I have a life. Unfortunately, that is not the way the college sees it.

I have lost a great deal of money, not to mention the trust I had in our local college.

Janell Johnson


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