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Dear Editor,

Headed by House Republican majority leader Tom DeLay, a budget is being hammered together. In spite of the sluggish economy, and while these same leaders call for a “shared wartime sacrifice,” their plan will give an average $90,000 tax cut to each millionaire, according to the New York Times.

That’s the president’s $500 billion tax cut for the upper 1 percent of taxpayers. $500,000,000,000. That’s genuine “shared wartime sacrifice.”

Included in the planned DeLay budget are cuts in Medicaid, child-care, education, food stamps, school lunch, environmental protection and emergency doles to the poorest. A total cut of $475 billion: $475,000,000,000. You have to pay for the Bush “growth plan” tax cut somehow.

And while Congress rightfully showers the men and women of our armed forces with praise, Tom DeLay does not mention to them that the planned cuts also include a $14 billion cut in veteran’s benefits: $14,000,000,000.

It hasn’t been voted on yet, but, if it lands on the president’s desk with his tax cut for the wealthy in it, he’ll undoubtedly sign it. To reap huge election dollar contributions in 2004, one has to first sow the crop of dollars. That’s campaign advance planning.

The Bush arithmetic is OK when it comes to his political needs. It’s sadly lacking when the Congressional Budget Office says the Bush tax cut will cause a $1 trillion deficit within the next five years alone: $1,000,000,000,000.

Lorenz T. “Marty” Martensen

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Because they ran a pipeline to market our gas, the companies who are pulling gas from the wells under Garfield County are reportedly going to cause our natural gas rates to increase by 43 percent.

Now the oil companies that ran a pipeline through Alaska to market their oil are paying a fee that is returned to the residents of that state.

I propose a tax at the gas-producing wellheads in Garfield County to be collected by our commissioners and returned to the taxpayers to help offset the unconscionable price increase by these gas producers, who are pumping Garfield County gas to other states for big bucks.


Randy Kimball

New Castle

Dear Editor,

I realize that “to err is human,” and we should all be forgiving souls.

However, I must say that I have been irked by the production and editorial expertise, or lack thereof, in recent issues of the GSPI.

I have found stories that aren’t continued, or just stop in mid-sentence. Layout of the last two Friday TV schedules was irritating. One wasn’t in the familiar center pullout of “OPTIONS,” the other had no Sunday schedule.

The Sunday Parade magazine has been missing more than once.

One of the few remaining staff members from the old PI, Donna Daniels, seems to be relegated to digging up informational postings, rather than contributing a byline column. I would rather read her musings than the highly slanted diatribe of a couple of your current columnists. The columns in your publication seems to be geared mostly toward inflationary rhetoric.

Your word count limit on letters seems to be selectively applied.

Although the GSPI is free to readers, I wonder if advertisers are ready and willing to be associated with your slant on local issues. The value of anything that is “free” usually is accompanied by the warning, caveat emptor.

At the very least, I should thank you for providing me with fire starter material for my woodstove.

Bill Wilson

New Castle

Dear Editor,

Remember Osama bin Laden? What a crafty bastard. While we were searching caves in Afghanistan, Osama must have slipped into Washington and somehow started directing our foreign policy.

Leave it up to someone like old Osama to try to get the heat off by reinventing Saddam Hussein. Americans have always hated Saddam Hussein and his big mustache, so Osama made a good choice.

Once the big mustache shows up on the news again, Osama has time to work on his master plan: a U.S. invasion of the Middle East. No American could ever come up with such a dumb plan.

Let’s get the white, Christian Americans to ignore the world opinion, violate international law, kill Muslims, bomb Baghdad, and occupy the Middle East.

This is supposed to be terrorism? I was struggling to follow the logic until … bingo… “The Osama Theory.” Now it all makes sense.

Old Osama … playing us like an Arab flute. Like some kind of twisted terrorist puppeteer, he’s completely controlling the thought of our leaders, with no end in sight… until now!

I am presently working on an antidote involving the reversal of polarities in the ionosphere of government buildings. Simply put, it will make current U.S. politicians do the exact opposite of what they are thinking.

Take that, bin Laden! This will obviously help to decrease terrorism, and it may help stimulate the economy, save the environment, and possibly even salvage their chances for re-electing. Anything for my country.


Mike Podmore

Glenwood Springs

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