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Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the article on Wednesday, April 9, entitled, “Buses maul mall lot: RFTA given boot.” As the article stated, for the past five years, RFTA buses have used the mall parking lot to pick up and drop off passengers and turn around in. The problem, according to mall manager Michelle Misurelli, is that the buses are damaging the parking lot. The mall now thinks it needs to resurface the pavement and will discontinue sharing its space with RFTA as soon as its five-year agreement with RFTA has expired.

I believe it is a big mistake for the mall to stop providing this service for the community. Hundreds of people are transported to and from the mall every day using this current stop either to shop at the mall or catch a bus. The benefits of people using mass transit instead of their own personal vehicles are many, including conserving precious resources and emitting less harmful carbon monoxide.

By not letting RFTA use its facilities, the mall is neglecting the needs of its community that far outweigh the importance of having a large, smooth blacktop on which people can park their shiny vehicles without the hiccup of a pothole. Our town would be a healthier community if organizations like RFTA were a higher priority than road expansion and resurfacing projects.

I commend the mall for its past cooperation with RFTA. I ask the mall to continue supporting RFTA and recommend other individuals and businesses to do the same.


Holly Richardson

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Recently, we retired and moved to Glenwood Springs. Having lived for 36 years in Southern California, we have seen countless cases of uncontrolled urban sprawl. Overzealous city governments annexed rural areas and allowed high-density developments that were totally incompatible with the surroundings. The net result was a big profit for the developer but a degradation in the affected people’s lifestyles.

Imagine our shock when we saw what is being proposed for Red Feather Ridge. This is high-density urban sprawl at its worse. We are being inundated by slick, full-page ads in the newspaper trying to convince us that Glenwood Springs needs this type of high-density development. Well, who is sponsoring these ads? The owner of the Red Feather Ridge property and developer of record is MidFirst Bank of Oklahoma. They acquired the property when the original developers defaulted on their loan. The property is being carried on the bank’s books as a non-producing asset. Federal bank regulators require that such assets be disposed of as quickly as possible. This is best accomplished by obtaining the highest-density zoning possible.

MidFirst’s original proposal called for about 250 lots but was later reduced to the current 149. Therefore, in spite of all their efforts to convince us that they have our community interests at heart, the sole aim of MidFirst Bank is to sell this property as quickly as possible and for as much money as possible. We urge everyone to vote for what’s best for Glenwood Springs and not for MidFirst Bank. Vote “No” on Red Feather Ridge.

Emil and Patricia Cima

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Red Feather Ridge proponents claim that 57 “trophy homes” would be built if the county plan were implemented. “Trophy homes” is a subjective term that implies huge, ostentatious, second homes built to impress.

Take a look up and down Four Mile Road. It is obvious that there is a diversity of homes, most with acreage, and, although many are large, many are not, and few would fit anyone’s definition of “trophy home.”

We retired here from Michigan a year ago, where we lived for 30 years outside a small town. We chose Glenwood because it had the feel and charm of our Michigan home, where we lived in a similar rural area on a four-acre river setting. And I doubt even the Red Feather Ridge developers would have considered our 2,000-square-foot colonial to be a trophy home.

There is no reason to assume that only those that would build a trophy home would or could see the value of spending the money required to live in a country setting.

Knowing that much of the 50 acres of open space in the city plan is steep, unbuildable hillside visible only from the airport and Highway 82, how can the open feeling of the area be preserved with 149 homes on 42 acres? Given the homes in the county plan will be typical of the other homes on Four Mile, which of these plans is going to add the most to what Glenwood has to offer? We need to preserve both our beautiful mountain town and its magnificent countryside. The city plan does neither of these.

Barbara Larime

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Emma Goldman said that “the most violent element in society is ignorance.”

The threats and condemnation that good people like Bernie Boettcher and Sue Gray have endured may actually be harbingers of a new consciousness. History bears out that all progressive ideas are met with the venom of the society they aim to rehabilitate.

The brave few who dare to dissent, who fight for freedom with their wits and words, are the lighting the way to true liberty.

It has been said that if Christ returned to Earth, history would repeat itself. And so it does, for those who now invoke peace and diplomacy are met with cries of “crucify!”

Imagine what the cry of the mob might be if education budgets were not savagely slashed. The tide might turn. We might demand answers, evidence, and accountability of our leaders instead of fighting one another.

Those of us who questioned our leaders’ motives for war have an opportunity now to right a wrong, to help make survivors out of victims, to pull a new world from the ashes of the old.

We now stand at a pivotal point between past and future.

I urge you to contemplate the words of Clarence Darrow: “I am pleading for the future. I am pleading for a time when hatred and cruelty will not control the hearts of men. When we can learn by reason and judgment and understanding and faith that all life is worth saving, and that mercy is the highest attribute of men.”

Kathryn Preston


Dear Editor,

It seems that Mr. Bernie Boettcher’s op-ed from April 10 has stirred up a hornet’s nest of outrage.

I, for one, very much appreciate every citizen’s right to freedom of speech, and wish you would have an article by Bernie on a daily basis.

Although it may elevate my blood pressure to vein-popping proportions, every outrageous piece of far-left rhetoric that he, and others, say, lends to the emigration of previously political fence-sitters to the party of us God-fearing conservatives, and ensures the fact that Bernie will be able to rant over Bush fires for the next five and a half years.

Who would have known that whoever chose the symbol of a donkey for a political party, actually did so with the forethought that that party would be transformed into the party of the little three-letter word that begins with an a, and ends with an s.

I do have a problem with his typical liberal spin, by stating that only the United Kingdom and Australia have contributed militarily, by sending 5,000 troops each, and basically trying to make people think that the United States is prosecuting this war unilaterally.

In fact, this is a coalition of 49 countries, as compared to a coalition of 40 countries in the first gulf war. There are over 50,000 coalition troops, besides the U.S., from these countries. Australia, Britain, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Italy, Poland, and Spain. Do some research Bernie!

Brian R. Fulton


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