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Dear Editor,

I’d like to express my appreciation for the thought-provoking window display at The Book Train on Grand Avenue. Also, for their selection of books on U.S. foreign policy and histories of the Middle East, and the inclusion of the periodical rack of magazines like “The Nation,” “The New Republic,” “The Progressive” and “Z Magazine.”

All of us need alternatives to the jingoism we’re being bombarded with, and I’m thankful to find if right here in Glenwood.

Democracy requires citizen participation, and responsible participation requires an informed population. If all your information is coming from TV and The Denver Post, you’re primarily receiving an advertising campaign aimed at selling you this war, and the others to follow.

If you turn off the TV and look at the media outside this country, (via the Internet) or non corporate-owned media in this country (via radio programs like “Democracy Now” or “Alternative Radio” on NPR, or periodicals as above), you’ll hear a different story and it might make more sense to you.

Without knowledge of the history of a region and its people, one can’t perceive current affairs in any comprehensible context. We seem to be teaching geography through bombing campaigns.

Can’t place Afghanistan on a map? See, here it is, we’ve bombed it!

Not sure where Iraq is? Look, we’re bombing it!

We need to educate ourselves. We live in comfort. We guzzle gas. We ought to be aware where this gas comes from, and something about the people who live there.

If you believe in democracy, practice your democratic responsibilities. Ask questions. Debate openly. Read a book. Seek out information that’s not presented simplistically, with commercials. Dissent if you disagree. Think for yourself, it’s patriotic.

Paula Bergman

No Name

Dear Editor,

Be passionate, but stay levelheaded, for the sake of our own country and relationships between American people. Extremists are simply that. They have truths that exist in their ideas, but have been distorted by fear, hate or anger that has taken their emotions to this extreme level.

Name-calling or questioning a person’s integrity because they don’t see things the same as you is just wrong. Be sure that the rights you would take away from others would be rights you would be willing to lose yourself. Keep dialog open and know that truth is usually forged somewhere in the middle ground.

Forget sides. Respect others’ rights to have differing opinions and speak them out loud. Initiate a civil conversation with someone who has an opposing view to yours. This is how we can all stand together. This would be a good time for the GSPI to re-run a My Side by Dave Sturges, called “No debating the need for community dialog.”


Ann Szucs-Spencer

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

After reading the headlines, the first section I head to in any newspaper is the letters to the editor. Often I have found new perspectives on a wide variety of topics in the letters; perspectives I would never otherwise be exposed to.

I am a little tired however, of reading the opinions of one man. I get even more tired of reading the opinions of one man who can never be wrong, cannot be reasoned with, and presents ludicrous back-woods opinions: “Just imagine what a primitive country this would be if we didn’t have access to our natural resources.” I guess you are right Ricky, I can only imagine a primitive country with clean, renewable sources of power, less pollution, and national parks free of drilling rigs and their resulting traffic, pollution and wildlife destruction.

Mr. Moolick, everyone enjoys your little outbursts, kind of the way we enjoy the Rev. Al Sharpton or any other big-mouth. Ever hear the phrase “talking loud ain’t sayin’ nothin’?” I don’t think any environmentalist wants to plunge us into the dark ages; all anyone is saying is, “Isn’t it about time we found some other source of energy, since this oil isn’t going to last forever?”

Post Independent, how about we take a week off from Mr. Moolick, see how that goes, and then see about the rest of the year?


Matthew Ballance

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Franklin D. was such a scoundrel. He gave people lip service, and seemed to do what he wanted. What a scoundrel. Are America’s leaders emulating him?

Regarding Iraq, let’s hope that we’re emissaries of Jesus Christ and George Washington. Now, those guys were good. Fortunately, Franklin D. was bullish for them. That’s what gives his treachery legitimacy.

If the plan for Iraq “goes south,” what’s “Plan B”? Sounds like we’d have a bunch of war criminals asking for our sons and daughters leading us around on a nuclear witch hunt.

Rush Limbaugh, convince us that oil is regenerating in the span of a human lifetime. George Will, tell us why you don’t need to be slapped repeatedly with a large wet noodle. Dick Cheney, if North Korea had oil, would we be obligated to free the North Koreans? How noble is the United States of America?

Oh brothers of the right, if your ire began, as did Spencer Tracey’s character in “Adam’s Rib,” then we’ll take Spencer’s eloquence, if all “right” and “right” radio will take Spencer’s words to heart. (Poor Katherine Hepburn was sooo wrong.)

Pray for moderates who will listen to both sides, who shall help establish legitimate governments that transcend the fissures of Islam and the fallacies of Judaism. Bring to an end this high-handedness of low men. Without legitimacy, we have nothing.


Fred Stewart

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Glenwood voters,

In June you will be asked to vote in a special election to determine whether an Oklahoma bank can buy approval to annex Red Feather Ridge. A large group of concerned citizens are asking you to vote no on the annexation. These citizens (your neighbors) do not have an inexhaustible budget to buy full-page newspaper ads. What we have is common sense.

Do you believe families living in 149 houses will not generate more traffic than 58 homes?

Do you believe 149 houses will seem like more “open space” than 58 homes?

Drive up Four Mile Road. Compare their map (on their full-page ad) with the actual site. Most of the “cemetery” is on the side of a hill!

Did you know part of their “open space” is a very steep and unusable hillside that runs down to Airport Road?

Do you believe this development is being enlarged to enhance Glenwood Springs or is it being tripled in size to bail out a bank that needs to sell more building lots?

Without a golf course, river frontage and great views of Mount Sopris, there is no chance that Red Feather Ridge will become an “Aspen Glen” full of “trophy homes.” What it will become is an ongoing tax burden to city taxpayers and a dangerous precedent that could pave the way for many more annexations outside the city’s Urban Growth Boundary.

Bottom line? These guys want this annexation badly and they will spare no expense to convince you that YOU NEED Red Feather Ridge. Do you? Vote no.

Jim Hawkins

Four-Mile Road

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