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Dear Editor,

In regards to the front-page article Sept. 23, “Allard Strickland agree on Iraq.”

I suppose, “We need to give the president the authority to move forward” means the U.S. Congress should declare war according to Article One, Section Eight of the U.S. Constitution. Right.

You did take an oath to protect the U.S. Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. When it comes to war, what amendment to the United States Constitution allows you to do otherwise?

The signers of the Declaration of Independence stated in the last sentence “We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.” I don’t expect you to pledge your life or fortune but I sure as hell expect a little sacred honor.

I don’t believe the American people want or need endless war in support of oil and Israel.

Steven Thompson


Dear Editor,

(Re: Ross L. Talbott, Our leaders have more info on Iraq than we do): A viable democracy depends on the involvement of its citizens. When we say that the government is in possession of facts that we do not possess and thus we should not question its decisions, we are abdicating our responsibility as citizens.

Give two individuals the same set of facts and it is quite likely they will come to very different conclusions. The government had many facts concerning the terrorists attack of Sept. 11, but it did little good because government agencies came to the wrong conclusion and took the wrong action. The questioning of one’s patriotism because they exercise their right as a free people begs the question, why do we have a democracy? If we want to turn over to the government the responsibility that is rightly ours then we deserve the government we get.

George Austin-Martin

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Sometimes I awaken in the middle of the night with answers to little, nagging questions. One of those questions as of late has been Bush’s pending war on Iraq. Nobody in my eclectic circle of friends, which represents a variety of political views, supports the war, yet the media says there is strong support. In the last 10 days, I have been with two different, large groups of professionals from throughout Colorado. The overwhelming majority of these people do not support a war. So in the middle of the night, my mind tries to make sense of the discrepancy between what I am experiencing and what the media says. Then, in the wee hours of darkness, I wake up knowing the media isn’t reporting what is really happening.

If so many people are for the war, why does the stock market continue to set record lows while the economy remains in recession? If a clear and strong majority were in favor of the war, wouldn’t Wall Street feel the enthusiasm?

But that isn’t what is happening. On one hand, the press tells us a majority support war, followed by reports of poor economic news, blamed on everyone’s uncertainty and fear of war. It simply doesn’t add up, but Wall Street ain’t a lyin’.

Then last Friday, I heard the results of a poll done by “Democracy Now.”

Staff of this radio program conducted a survey of a dozen or so U.S. senators and representatives, finding that in ALL cases, their offices are receiving 200-500 calls a day about the war. The overwhelming majority of calls, letters and faxes are in opposition to a war with Iraq.

So now the nagging question is why our senators and representatives continue supporting a war when their constituents are clearly voicing opposition?

Aren’t elected officials supposed to represent the citizenry? I don’t want to believe that what voters want is irrelevant in this process. If I believe that, I will have to question the workings of our democracy – and I’ll never get any sleep.

Peggy Utesch


Dear Editor,

The political independents have a real litmus test facing them this November. I am speaking of the Allard/Strickland U.S. Senate race.

Being one myself, I certainly understand the disdain for all political parties – especially Democrat and Republican – and the unwillingness to be identified with any group owing its existence to the herd mentality.

I am not normally supportive of the “vote for the man” proposition espoused by the independents because I think political philosophy is critical, but in this race it makes a great deal of sense. Because there is such a significant difference in the men themselves, leaving party affiliation and political ideology aside.

Wayne Allard, a veterinarian, is an honest and earnest, straightforward and unassuming man. Quite an anomaly in the US Senate. The very fact that he, as an incumbent, is not an overwhelming favorite for re-election tells us this. Obviously, he has not worked the system or charmed the media (a good trick for any Republican except John McCain) relative to re-election, which is Job #1 for all of these folks.

The tight race is not a function of Allard’s job performance. Job performance is never relevant to re-election, especially at the federal level.

Tom Strickland is a lawyer/lobbyist who is in the business of influence peddling. He worked for the most politically influential law firm in Colorado, perhaps even the western United States.

His passion is politics, which in my book is reason enough to give him a wide berth. Having lost the last election to Allard, he lobbied hard, and with Allard’s help, was appointed U.S. Attorney, which position is a reliable, time-worn political stepping-stone. And obviously used as such as he is again seeking greater glory – and influence – at the very next election.

So if this major theme of independents is genuine, we should see the results this time. The opportunity could not be more pronounced.

Thanks for listening.

Bob Richardson

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

The Courage Classic bike ride for the Children’s Hospital is over, but I have many great memories to last until next year.

I would like to thank Team Glenwood: Ed Murray, Charlie Willman, George Shaver, Mark Henthorn, Suzy and John Reichert, Jean Simonson, Katie Conifee, Anne Pausback, Resa Dennie, Dad and Mom. You guys are awesome for pedaling all those miles.

Thank you Tamie Meck, Carrie Click, Jim Noelker, and the Post Independent. Your words and pictures gave meaning to why we were riding, and Jim, you inspired me with the digital camera.

Julie and the crew at the Print Works went way beyond the call of duty. Thank you.

To all that contributed to the Children’s Hospital through The Courage Classic, I guarantee that your donations will be well spent. Myself and many other kids just like me are alive and well because of you. I’m really proud and feel very fortunate to live in such a caring community.

Thank you,

Kelsey Bohman

Glenwood Springs

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