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Dear Editor,

This is to the many who write to your paper with nothing more to offer than criticism. These are the Bush bashers, the alleged rights advocates, the presumed environmentalists, the wannabe economists, the touchy/feely peaceniks, and all of the politically correct authoritarians and historians. These are all people who have no solutions, only criticism!

Spiro Agnew was certainly no American hero, but he was the first to appropriately name the Washington press as the nattering nabobs of negativism – a phrase that I suggest aptly fits many of those who are featured in the daily Letters to the Editor columns in newspapers all over the country.

My only purpose in this letter is to express the positive attitude that I know exists with both the silent and the vocal majority in this country. This might well be called my belated Thanksgiving blessing. It is all about rights and freedom.

After two terms of sleaze, we are finally blessed with a president that we can be proud of, rather than make excuses for. Thank God that we have leadership that is dedicated toward protecting us from further terrorist attacks. We can be thankful, especially, that we still have the right to be normal as opposed to gay, that we have the right to work as opposed to be reliant on the federal government to make us even more dependent, that we have the right to have babies rather than having them executed prior to birth, that we have the right to educate our children in private schools where they will be taught rather than brainwashed, that we have the freedom to feel patriotic toward our nation rather than disrespectful, etc.

You see, I am not fearful of Big Brother, but rather of all of the negativism that gets so much publicity. Our president has an unprecedented popularity that is fact, not fiction. The party of substance, rather than rhetoric, now controls the Congress. The economy is really not so bad according to most experts. There are plenty of jobs for those who really want to work.

Nor am I concerned with history repeating itself – except for the lessons we should have learned in regard to protecting our lives and our freedom. I really can’t relate to Roman Empire times, since as a former businessman my concern was always what’s going on now and how I can influence what is going to happen.

Sept. 11, 2001, and Dec. 7, 1941, are dates that I have experienced in my lifetime and that I will remember forever. I hope that the positive results stemming from these events will be twofold: first, that they will never be allowed to occur again; and, second, that they will remain as examples of tragedies that brought the American people together in unity and common cause.

Let freedom ring, God bless America!

Richard D. Doran


Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Advocate Safehouse Project’s Board of Directors, I want to extend our appreciation to the Glenwood Springs Board of Realtors for the generous amount of food they all donated through their food drive for us this month.

Since we have been so busy with the Safehouse this year, their food donations are a wonderful and needed addition to our pantry.

We are grateful for their commitment to help their friends and neighbors in need at the Advocate Safehouse Project. The Glenwood Springs Board of Realtors is definitely considered a “Safehouse Angel.” Their wonderful food drive really makes the difference for the families residing in the Safehouse who need a safe place to live while making some very difficult decisions.

Thank you again for your generosity!


Julie Olson, director

Advocate Safehouse Project

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

The youth groups of the First Baptist Church of New Castle would like to thank the residents of Castle Valley for their generosity during our recent Scavenger Hunt for Lift-Up. Through their kindness, the members of the youth groups were able to collect more than 25 bags of food for the needy in less than an hour.

In appreciation,

Melanie Davis

First Baptist Youth Group members

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