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Dear Editor,

Where is the difference between a dictator that kills and maims his political opponents while maintaining a poor, fearful but well educated populace, and a foreign aggressor killing and maiming the same citizens, demolishing their property and irreversibly poisoning their capitol city and land with hundreds of tons of depleted uranium ordnance?

The United States has been bombing Iraq non-stop since 1998.

Depleted uranium is a radioactive heavy metal that vaporizes on contact into a super fine, toxic dust, impossible to clean up, capable of sickening for generations. This same dust will circle the planet, democratically poisoning rich and poor alike.

Is our lack of thought showing yet?

It is sadly revealing that one of our first construction projects in Iraq is a huge prison.

What does this say about U.S. respect for Iraqi democracy? What does this bode for freedom?

John Hoffmann


Dear Editor,

This letter is not for or against the City Council’s proposed $12 million golf course, pool, kayak park and tennis courts. This letter concerns the proposed method of financing the projects.

Councilmen Richardson was correct when he said, “COPs are bordering on an unethical way to support the golf course” (front page of the Post Independent, April 18.)

The TABOR Act was passed to control spending by government. COPs are simply a way our elected officials and bureaucrats have found to avoid the will of the people. Borrowing the $12 million using the certificates of participation (COPs) will increase our taxes without our approval.

If Councilman Don Gillespie was really confident voters would approve a bond issue for the golf course, pool, kayak park, and tennis courts (as he was quoted in the Post Independent April 18), then he should be supporting a public vote on the financing method.

There is a special mail-in vote on Red Feather Ridge June 24. A second question as to the feeling of the community on the use of COPs to finance the golf course, pool, kayak park and tennis courts could be added to the ballot at no cost to the city.

If the readers of this letter are bothered by this backdoor method of financing a golf course then please join me at the City Council meeting May 1 to express our feeling to the City Council members.

Joe O’Donnell

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

For 19 years, Glenwood Springs has needed a Highway 82 bypass, and for 19 years, city staff has never advised City Council to commit money (like $1 million per year) to such a project, which would benefit all of Glenwood Springs.

For 19 years, city staff has wanted an 18-hole golf course, which was voted down by the residents of Glenwood Springs. Now, it seems, that city staff is advising City Council to spend $1 million per year.

Stay tuned May 1 to see if the King expands his kingdom.

Larry Beckwith

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

In this tremendously fast-fast paced, “helter skelter” world in which we live today, seemingly filled with uncertainties, indignity, frauds inflicted upon the masses, fear and loss, at times one may wonder what we can believe in, or if the human race is losing sight of fundamental core values that make us who we are: trust, honesty, caring, love, compassion, empathy and such.

May I share one example to assure you all is well?

I’m embarrassed to admit that on the way to make my bank deposit on April 16, I dropped $2,000. Yes, that’s the right amount of zeros. I first discovered the loss upon arriving at the bank.

Immediately retracing my steps one by one, the deposit was nowhere to be found.

The next day, a local Glenwood Springs gentleman named Timothy Riley presented himself at my office, and with a twinkle in his eye said, “Michael Chandler, I have something that I’m sure you’re very interested in. …” And at that moment, he handed me the lost $2,000 deposit.

As I picked up my jaw off the floor, Mr. Riley smiled, stretched out his hand to shake mine, bid me adieu, and left for his work.

“I believe in human dignity as the source of national purpose, human liberty as the source of national action, the human heart as the source of national compassion, and in the human mind as the source of our invention and our ideas.” – John F. Kennedy

Michael Chandler

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Recently I had the pleasure of seeing an outstanding production in which the right combination of abundant talent, great material, skillful direction, technical expertise, hard work, camaraderie and charisma came together in a magical experience.

The show is the Glenwood Springs High School production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

Gayla Rowe-Gaddis, Jeannie Miller, Rob Merritt and student director Sarah Gabriel have melded an enormous cast and crew into a very special production that is bursting at the seams with fun and professionalism.

From very strong lead performances to delightful chorus and character work, this one is a true joy to witness.

Sound designers Ken Duprey and Larry Mincer deserve special merit for implementing live body mikes on many of the performers. Young performers can be heard, and have the freedom to concentrate on the music instead of just the volume.

Please, please do yourself a favor and attend one of the performances this weekend. The standing ovations garnered at these performances are not just polite support of student performers, they are enthusiastic recognition of a uniquely successful production.

In keeping with the Old Testament theme, CMC’s spring musical comedy, “Two by Two,” opens April 25 for a two-week run. When you purchase tickets to “Joseph” you can get a coupon good for a discount when you purchase tickets for “Two by Two.”

The Roaring Fork Valley is blessed with a wide variety of high-quality theatrical venues. We hope you will support and enjoy them all!

Cristine Aronson

Glenwood Springs

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