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Dear Editor,Allard and Nighthorse better get together. Allard claims that out-of-state people are running these negative ads on Tom Strickland; that he has nothing to do with or say about them. Hard to believe!Nighthorse says out-of-state people are running negative ads on Allard. What a bunch of B.S. Allard can run five or more ads on TV per day; he has too much money and “protests too much.” Hard to believe someone like that. Also, Nighthorse was on twice this morning (wonder how much he is getting paid) saying how honest Allard is; better take that with a grain of salt.I wrote Allard if he were the last person on earth I would not vote for him. I am voting for Gregg Rippy. He is for the Western Slope and the people.McInnis and Allard are for whoever can advance them in their political future, not for the state of Colorado, which is too bad.You hear it said write your Congress. What good does it do? Your letter is tossed in the trash can. If you complain, just another stamp wasted.Be sure to vote Nov. 5. I already have.Mildred BaumliCarbondale

Dear Editor,Dear Neighbors, Garfield County is as diverse politically and economically as it is geographically. That’s why we have three commissioners, each representing a particular district. Mr. McCown does a good job, I believe, supporting the politics of the western third. Glenwood loves John Martin. Walt Stowe, unfortunately, has failed miserably in protecting the interests and safety of the citizens of District 1.Walt believes in building. He places the economic benefits of development over the safety of his constituents and the logic of good business practice. I can only guess at this conclusion, however. At no point in any commission meeting has Mr. Stowe explained the rationale behind his voting. He fails to ask relevant questions or prove that he has reviewed complex plans prior to hearings. He simply votes yes on all development.Chenoa is a perfect example. Walt approved the development without considering Red Canyon Road or the intersection of 82 and CMC road. Mr. Stowe ignored the comprehensive plan, P&Z regulations, and the state in his approval vote.Mr. Stowe concluded that “the subdivision was in the best interest of the health, safety, morals, convenience, order, prosperity, and welfare of the citizens of Garfield County.” Hogwash.Walt Stowe, in my opinion, does not, in any way, shape, or form represent the best interests of District 1. We desperately need new representation. It is time for accountability.Please help us by voting for Trsi Houpt. Our future depends on it. Sincerely,Michael SullivanSpring Valley

Dear Editor,As a real estate broker, I must take exception to Georgia Chamberlain’s assertion that it would be a conflict of interest for Cheryl Chandler, who is a real estate broker, to be the county treasurer. Ms. Chamberlain’s claim is that the treasurer, acting in the role of public trustee, could be compromised in duties of executing releases of deeds of trust. This is such a stretch.Most real estate brokers never touch a deed of trust or have any access to the treasurer’s office other than inquiring what the taxes are for a piece of property.When a deed of trust is released, it is almost always handled by a title company, sometimes by a bank or lawyer, once in a while by a private note holder, but hardly ever by a real estate broker. Regardless, it is the treasurer’s job to make sure the release is handled properly, no matter who brings in the paperwork.Which brings us back to the assertion made by Ms. Chamberlain. This is just a red herring at best, or an implication that Cheryl Chandler would do something illegal at worst, which is a very serious allegation.Anyone in the public trustee’s position could illegally or improperly release a deed of trust; being a real estate broker is totally irrelevant.This allegation impugns Cheryl’s honesty, which I find offensive and a desperate attempt to deflect the public from the real issues regarding this race. The attack on Cheryl’s integrity is obviously an attempt to distract the public from Cheryl’s fresh ideas and enthusiasm she will bring to the treasurer’s office.Malcolm SmithCarbondale

Dear Editor,I have known and have had the privilege of working with Georgia Chamberlain for many years. Being treasurer and public trustee for Mesa County for the past 28 years, I know the responsibilities and problems that Georgia faces every day. From investments that revolve around the revenues and expenditures over which she has little or no control, employee relations, working within a specific budget, foreclosures and releases, Georgia has handled each one in a professional and caring manner. Her experience and knowledge is an asset to the citizens of Garfield County, and I know she would appreciate your support in November.Gena M. Harrison,Mesa County treasurerand public trustee

Dear Editor,I would like to thank the acute care nurses at Valley View Hospital who tried to ease the pain and suffering of my dear husband, Blair, and made him as comfortable as possible in the agonizing hours leading up to his recent death.I especially want to thank Doris Hyatt for being there as he passed out of this life, and for making the end a little easier for us both. You are a supportive and caring person, and a great nurse.Also, thanks to the oncology nurses – Judy, Terri and Annie – for all you tried to do for Blair. I know he appreciated it.Sincerely,Nadine FenlonGlenwood Springs

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