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Dear Editor,This week, Oct. 13-19, has been proclaimed as Celebration of Families Week in Colorado. The proclamation reminds us that:-Families are the foundation of society.-Healthy families are essential to the overall welfare of Colorado.-Children who grow up in loving, healthy families are much more successful as adults.-Strong families improve the welfare of the community.-Our most cherished values, traditions and cultures are passed from one generation to the next through the family.-Families provide each other with love, support and trust.To commemorate Celebration of Families Week, the Roaring Fork Family Resource Centers would like to ask our communities to honor families and to recognize, as the state of Colorado has, that families are “Colorado’s most treasured resource” and “Colorado’s Secret to Success.” It is critical that we all work together to support families so they can be strong and healthy.We would also like to urge individual families to celebrate their importance and value by choosing an activity to do together this week like going for a hike in this beautiful fall weather or having a family game night. Have a meal, read or watch a movie together.Here’s to strong, healthy families!Sincerely,Carolyn HardinRoaring Fork Family Resource Centers

Dear Editor,As we write this letter, we admit to being very confused by the Post Independent’s endorsement of Walt Stowe for county commissioner. The editorial staff certainly has the right to endorse whomever they wish, but their attempt to justify their choice is totally confusing.Monday’s endorsement of Mr. Stowe mentioned their “sharp disagreement” with Mr. Stowe’s handling of the Prehm Ranch right of way and then proceeded to list six areas that Mr. Stowe needs to “step it up a notch.”The confusing part of this endorsement is that those items listed by the Post Independent are virtually verbatim the issues Trsi Houpt consistently supports. In the Post’s own interview, printed on the front page of last Wednesday’s paper, Ms. Houpt addresses these very issues.If you read Ms. Houpt’s campaign brochure, again you will find the issues discussed that the Post Independent would like Mr. Stowe to “do a better job as a county leader!”Anyone can pick apart any endorsement for any candidate but it is amazing that any endorsement would list the major planks of one candidate’s platform and then endorse the opposing candidate while imploring him to take up those issues.We truly do not understand why the Post Independent needs to prod Mr. Stowe to “do a better job” when we can vote for a candidate eager to do a better job! Jim and Sharill HawkinsGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,The outcome of the Nov. 5 elections will be extremely important for the future of Garfield County, especially in terms of dealing with rapid growth, economic diversity and land-use planning. I urge all Garfield voters to consider voting for Trsi Houpt for county commissioner on Nov. 5.I have known Ms. Houpt for nearly a decade in her leadership roles on two regional level organizations. As the executive director of Valley Resource Management she has been working hard to forge partnerships and regional collaboration between governments from Aspen to Parachute. In her role as a member of the Roaring Fork School Board I have seen her display a high level of professionalism and concern for the well-being of both students and teachers. Although her opponent, incumbent Walt Stowe, is also a fine candidate and has brought many benefits to our community during his tenure, I believe that both conservatives and liberals would be well served by having someone with Trsi Houpt’s experience, dedication and attention to detail on the Board of Commissioners. For more information about Ms. Houpt, check out her Web site at http://www.tresihoupt.com.Sincerely,Scott ChaplinCarbondale town trustee

Dear Editor,As I read this morning’s paper (Sunday) I immediately thought of my grandmother using soap on Tom Dalessandri’s mouth with his bold-typed offensive quote. Then I realized that he must be on the defensive and just let his guard down.The “cheap shot” referenced in the headlines is fact. Our local officers have not been able to house offenders in the Garfield County Jail for many years. I was told it was because there just wasn’t enough room. So I voted for a new expanded facility.Last year I attended the open house for “our” new jail. During the tour I commented how safe the new transport garage will be for our police officers. I was immediately informed by the tour guide, representing the Sheriff’s Department, that “this facility is for sheriff’s deputies and the jail is for county offenders. The various cities’ officers will not be using this area.” I was a bit dismayed. I voted for a new jail!I do understand that recently some of our local cities have conceded to various contracts and the county jail is now housing offenders from those locals. Shouldn’t “our” jail have accepted offenders from all over the county, including our local cities, immediately upon opening? Alas, it’s an election year and often various accomplishments are completed just before the public goes to the polls.As a commercial/residential property owner within Glenwood Springs, I pay a high multiplier rate on my property taxes. I want to see all cities within Garfield County utilize the jail facility equally without additional cost to me.Do we want a smooth politician or an active “cop’s cop” as our sheriff? I urge you to vote for Lou Vallario.Respectfully,Linda StoltzfusGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor: Western Colorado has one vote for every 10 in the Colorado General Assembly. Therefore, western Colorado must overcome its lack of numerical representation with the exceptional quality of the legislators that we do send to Denver. Accordingly, I’m voting for Gregg Rippy. If western Colorado is going to hold back next year’s flood of anticipated water legislation, which is intended to ease the transfer of West Slope water to the Front Range, we must have legislators who have proven themselves equal to the task. Gregg Rippy has earned the respect of his fellow legislators and proven his ability to work with members of both parties. Gregg has western Colorado values, but more importantly, he has the ability and the craft to convince others that our values are Colorado’s values. Representative Rippy’s vote was key to this year’s passage of legislation to improve the state’s instream flow program. And he is currently drafting a bill for next year to provide for voluntary, emergency donation of water to instream flows in times of drought.Gregg Rippy sponsored legislation appropriating additional funds for native species preservation and protecting the fiscal integrity of the severance tax funds dedicated to water conservation. Recently, Gregg’s challenger criticized him for voting against a water conservation bill two years ago. That is both unfair and deliberately misleading. The fact is that the entire Agriculture Committee voted to kill that bill at the sponsor’s request, and Gregg did so only after expressing his support for the conservation ethic that she was pursuing. For western Colorado’s water interests, vote for Gregg Rippy. Sincerely, Chris TreeseGlenwood Springs

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