Dear Mother Earth … |

Dear Mother Earth …

Dear Mother Earth,

I know how you feel when people pollute your air, and not think of what they do when they throw trash out of their car windows! People NEED to take care of your ground and trees and everything you need to be healthy. I know I do! Try to take care of yourself and be well!

Maddie Grace Melia

Dear Mother Earth,

I wish five things …

1. I want to stop building.

2. Stop putting cement down.

3. Plant more trees and gardens.

4. Have people think before they litter.

5. Don’t throw garbage in the ocean.

Neeko Medina

Dear Mother Earth,

I am so sorry that people don’t take care of the world. I wish that people could help the world by riding their bikes and walking more. I would help pollution and save energy and money. I would ride my bike every day and walk every day too. And when people take showers and baths they won’t waste water. That’s what I would do to save the world.

Halana Pagett

Dear Mother Earth,

We treat the Earth so poorly but the Earth treats us so richly. The Earth provides us with food, water and life. The Earth also provides us with snow and rivers to play in. The Earth gives us trees to build houses and to provide us oxygen. We should start treating the Earth the way the Earth treats us.

Evie McRaith

Dear Mother Earth,

I am so sorry people are wrecking your grounds. I will try so hard to save you. I hope everybody else will try very hard also. You are very special and precious to me. You give us beautiful lakes, rivers, mountains and lots more. I will ride my bike, not ride in the car. I will pick up litter. I will try not to use a lot of electricity, and I promise will never harm you.

Aleksa Key

Dear Mother Earth,

I promise to take care of you. I will pick up trash that people throw on your wonderful ground. I will fish out trash of your cool and refreshing rivers. I am going to try to do what everybody should do every day.

Carrie Waters

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