Debunking the biker stereotype |

Debunking the biker stereotype

Dear Editor,

This is the first letter to the editor that I have ever felt compelled to write. Let’s talk biker trash. Approximately four to five years ago, I had a friend who was interested in putting a Harley Shop in Glenwood Springs. We talked about it for a while, he turned and walked away. I thought even though this man was a friend of mine, “he’s nuts.” Why in the world would I have anything to do with this kind of “biker trash,” especially in Glenwood?

Well a few weeks went by and my phone rang one morning. It was the owner of Grand Junction Harley Davidson. His message stated he was interested in leasing a space I had in Glenwood Springs. I thought, “good luck,” because I won’t call back, I will have nothing to do with these type of people, dirty bikers, beards, long hair, tattoos and most of them will really need a shower! Well I did as I thought and didn’t return the call.

A couple of weeks later I was in Grand Junction and drove by the Harley Shop, a old-looking steel building, lots of bikes in front, none of them impressed me. I’m curious, so I stopped at the shop, asked my wife if she wanted to go in with me, let’s be nosy and take a look, we can always exit in a hurry. She quickly said, “No way.” I proceeded to the front door, looking around side to side, and opened the front door, peeked inside like something was going to get me, stared for a few seconds, shut the door and went back to my truck and told my wife, “Get out and come with me because you’re not going to believe what you see.”

She did, and we went in the store. We both were amazed at how neat, clean and organized it was. It was beautiful inside, shopping for everyone, nothing that I ever had imagined. Nice looking motorcycles, clothes, accessories for more than just motorcycles, baby clothes and a restaurant where we ate lunch, and promptly left the store a couple of hours later.

I went straight to my truck, got on my cell phone and returned their call, sheepishly telling the owner I had been out of town and just had time to return his call. The rest is history. We all spent major money on the space they now rent in Glenwood. They are one of the major businesses in Glenwood.

I know attorneys, bankers and doctors who ride Harleys, as I have learned and watched, my guess is 85 percent of the people that ride Harleys are professional people of our community. I have never had any problems with bikers causing any type of trouble on my property. Sure, there are probably a few bad ones, but there are also bad golfers, fireman, softball players, policeman, construction workers and I could go on and on.

In summary, Aspen Valley Harley Davidson is an asset to Glenwood Springs, and I’m sure they do more good for the valley and Glenwood Springs by bringing in sales tax and tourists so the rest of us can enjoy living here by having so many “quality and stable” businesses in our town.

Oh, by the way – are these motorcycle riders going to eat in our restaurants, stay in our motels, visit our gas stations and spend their money? Shame on whoever had this stupid thought of this event, and shame on them for being able to use the Community Center. Wasn’t it built to draw people and money to town?

Toby Guccini

Bowl-O-Rama LLC Partnership

Glenwood Springs

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