Defense for Glenwood Springs shooting suspect asks all reports, documents be shared |

Defense for Glenwood Springs shooting suspect asks all reports, documents be shared

The defense for a suspect accused of shooting his landlord and at law enforcement amid a July 14 standoff in Glenwood Springs has requested all documents and reports associated with the case be shared.

Craig Allen Robbins, 44, is accused of shooting his landlord, Tom Parks, with a shotgun following an altercation over an eviction. Robbins was also accused of barricading himself inside the residence in the 1000 block of Riverview Drive and shooting at responding law enforcement officers.

Parks suffered a shotgun blast to the abdomen, while all other roommates within the house were unharmed.

According to an arrest affidavit, Robbins was charged with five counts of felony attempted murder as well as additional charges. He went before 9th Judicial Court Judge James Boyd to return a filing of charges Tuesday morning.

Robbins’ attorney, Public Defender Alex Haynes, requested that a discovery — an exchange of information between all parties — be disclosed to the defense as soon as possible.

“It’s my understanding and my assumption that the (Glenwood Springs Police Department) has generated reports and documents, and I would assume has turned them over to the district attorney’s office,” Haynes said. “As far as I’m concerned, my position is that they’re legally obliged to then turn them over to us.”

Craig Allen Robbins

Haynes said if discovery is granted later than sooner — or, no later than 21 days after the criminal charges have been formally filed in court — could put the defense in “a very awful position.”

“The thrust of that motion that I filed was to ensure that law enforcement not contact (Robbins) about this case without us knowing about it, not to collect evidence from him about this case without us knowing about it,” Haynes said.

In addition to Haynes’ request for discovery, Haynes told Boyd a formal document describing the criminal charges against Robbins has yet to be filed.

Prosecuting attorney Heidi Bauer said the charges against Robbins have not been officially filed because the DA’s office has struggled to obtain information and reports due to the complicated matter of the incident.

“We have just recently started getting a more substantial amount of discovery,” she said. “And we have no objection to turn that over.”

Haynes also said the defense would not yet be addressing Robbins’ bond, which was initially set at $2 million by magistrate Jonathan Shamis. Shamis appointed a court liaison to help address any mental health conditions for Robbins, but because Robbins’ bond wasn’t being addressed yet, Haynes requested Boyd withdraw the liaison.

“Based on what I’ve just heard, I will vacate the order, appointing the bridges liaison in this case without prejudice to a renewed request in the future,” Boyd said.

Boyd granted Haynes’ request for discovery to be turned over as soon as reasonably practicable, he said. 

Robbins is scheduled to appear again before Boyd at 9:30 a.m. Aug. 23.

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