Democrats apparently not getting the message |

Democrats apparently not getting the message

Dear Editor,

Ya’ gotta’ love dem Dems, don’t you?

Every time they lose an election it’s because the voters didn’t “get the message.” That was the word after open space and home rule, among others.

The arrogance of that is astounding, but rampant among social engineers. I suppose it is understandable when one has a lock on the moral and intellectual high ground as we all know liberals do.

Well, the voters got Daschle’s message, which was no message at all, of course – except to obstruct the country’s business in pursuit of power. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. I was assigned to Daschle when I was lobbying Congress, and he is one of the biggest low-lifes in D.C. You would never know that, as he is a “media darling” as well as a Democrat. Just as you don’t hear a word about responsibility for the Democrat election debacle lying at his doorstep.

And Strickland loses by the same or bigger margin than last time, but the media tells us that GW and Republican money was the problem this time. Wasn’t Slick president the last time Strickland ran? Given his livelihood and the constant use of both sides of his mouth, I think he did quite well. He even had Leslie Robinson’s endorsement! I’ll bet the Republicans were crushed when Strickland announced he would never again seek public office.

And my favorite Dem story this go ’round – hands down – is Tom Dalessandri. Weren’t he and all kinds of Dems offended when I, and others, said he was a politician first and law enforcement officer second? And when I said the Dems plan was that Dalessandri “needed” one more term as sheriff for his political future?

And first thing Wed. morning, Nov 6, – I am not sure Mildred had even finished counting – Dalessandri was meeting with Dem mucky mucks (and one time-worn Republican mole) about – about . his political future. Ta-daaa. What a hoot. I couldn’t have scripted it better. And the whole county noticed. Time to get the carpetbag out again, Tom.

But according to the Dems, his loss isn’t detrimental to that political future! Yeah, right. By that logic Strickland is primed for a presidential run!

Republicans’ turn, next time.

Thanks for listening.

Bob Richardson

Glenwood Springs

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