Democrats failing to accept `the will of the people’ |

Democrats failing to accept `the will of the people’

Dear Editor,

This is in rebuttal to the letter titled “Republicans failing to show common sense” published in the Sunday, Nov. 3, issue of the Post Independent.

With the election behind us, I simply want to offer some amicable advice to my friend, Mr. Randol. Steve, kick back, relax, take a deep breath and face facts, because the will of the American people is made crystal clear by the results of yesterday’s election. When you cut loose with your diatribe on President Bush, you were obviously suffering from DCFS – a malady commonly known as “Democratic Campaign Fatigue Syndrome” – but, it is not your fault, you are not responsible!

Obviously, you have been wrongly influenced not only by the media, but by leading members of the Democratic Party. What is a guy to think if he can’t trust Phil Donahue, Terry McAuliffe and Tom Daschle? Even some of the pollsters misled you.

I think that many of you youngsters take politics too seriously. When you get to be my age, you realize that within the total scope of the “world of entertainment,” politics is simply “the circus”- as evidenced by the abundance of clowns participating.

I seriously doubt that the election results have improved your sense of humor, but at least you have the satisfaction of knowing that the vast majority of voters “failing to show common sense” are simply “out of step” with you and Bill Clinton. Strange as it may seem, there is reason to believe that President Bush had a very significant influence on the election results, in spite of his position on terrorism, the Republican medical care failures, the economy, the tax cut, and the “risky” Social Security situation, outlined in your letter.

Don’t feel down hearted – things could be worse. Just be glad that you did not have the contract to cater the Strickland or the Mondale victory celebration dinners.

Dick Doran


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