Democrats should concentrate their efforts on improving their party |

Democrats should concentrate their efforts on improving their party

R.L. Pritchard

Dear Editor,

Trent Lott has resigned his seat as Senate Majority Leader; that makes the Democrats jubilant, and in retrospect that might be their demise. Senator Lott made a slip of the tongue as he was eulogizing Senator Strom Thurmond on his l00th birthday. In a conversation, he stated that the country would be better off if it had followed the thinking of Senator Strom Thurmond. The Democrats think that he is a segregationist. I believe differently.

That was back in the 1950s; plus, there have been so many changes since then, and the thinking of the public has made a complete turnaround.

Senator Lott has made the country better through the good deeds he has done. He has proven to be one of our hardest workers trying to make this country better, and his loss will be our loss and possibly his gain. You will probably see him as the Governor of Mississippi in the next election.

Did Senator Lott need to make an apology? I think not; he would have been better off had he not made an apology and if he had ignored the Democrats and the black caucus. That way they would not have something to make their day just talking about Republicans. Since we are in that vein of thought, let’s look at some of the highlights of the mistakes of the Democrats that were washed under the rug.

l. Bill Clinton as President of the United States telling everyone in a televised statement a lie that he didn’t have sex with that woman. Boy did the Democrats cover that up in a hurry. And by the way, Bill Clinton and Walter Mondale laughing when Senator Lott entered to give his condolences at Senator Wellstone’s funeral, making a mockery and laughing, trying to make political hay that backfired on them. Senator Wellstone was a dedicated and well-thought-of Democratic senator. What a dishonor to him.

2. To bring up a second unusual situation which the Democrats didn’t make a sound about, a Democratic candidate for president – Jesse Jackson, a member of the Rainbow coalition and supposed to be a preacher, and a man of the Lord supposedly trying to teach right from wrong – castigated Clinton for having sex with Lewinski. Jesse Jackson turned right around and denied having a baby out of wedlock with a woman. Then he swindled $300,000 out of the Rainbow coalition bank account to pay her to keep quiet, and also care for the baby. If the Democrats had spent as much time condemning Jesse Jackson for his actions they did on Senator Lott, Jesse Jackson would be in jail. The Democrats have a double standard and I’m afraid that is their downfall. If they spent as much time setting good agendas to the credit of the United States instead of trying to fry Republicans, they would have a great party.

I could go on with more of the shenanigans that the Democrats have hosted in their party, without any word, except praise for their illegalities, but that is water under the bridge, and I have said as much as needs to be said.

I will add that Nancy Pelosi made her first mistake when she said that she was pursuing her commitment to strong gun control. I guess that you have to hit the Democrats over the head in order to get their attention that HCI and Gun Control is not a by-word this year. It is not an issue. If that is all the Democrats have to talk about this year, I’m afraid they have a lost cause.

The National Rifle Association pushed hard in the elections and defeated all the Democratic challengers that meant anything. The NRA won 13 pro-gun members in the House of Representatives, their endorsed candidates won 21 of the 24 seats in the Senate. Fully 94 percent of the 246 candidates endorsed by the NRA won. That is a pretty good record for the anti-gunners to overcome. Perhaps some of their seats will go next election.

Republicans as well as Democrats that campaigned, and tried to capitalize on tragedies, and gun-ban gimmicks, were defeated. Perhaps that might be a lesson for those who try to take away our Second Amendment. The world has turned around, and with the terrorists running around committing havoc, people understand the right and need to be armed for self protection. People today realize that the right to own firearms shall not be abridged, and are standing up for it.


R.L. Pritchard


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