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Demon Doings

My warm breath condensed into a light fog the moment it escaped my lips. I was wrapped in a huge red scarf, a down jacket, hat, gloves, boots and long underwear. Everyone around me was, too. I was standing next to the mother of a good friend of mine. Her tone was bittersweet as she said, “I was putting on all my layers to stay warm tonight, and I couldn’t help but think that this is the last time I will ever do this for a home hockey game.” Last Wednesday night was the Glenwood Grizzlies’ final home game of the season. For the seniors on the team, it was the last game they will ever play with the Grizzlies at the Community Center. Talking with the same mom, she brought up the fact that the boys started playing hockey together before the Community Center was even built. She laughed, “They used to practice out on the rodeo grounds when it was a make-shift ice rink.” That was in seventh grade for the current seniors. All of them have grown up together on the ice. They have become a great team who plays well together and even hangs out in the off-season. Last year, the Glenwood Grizzlies were the Rocky Mountain Hockey League champions with an incredibly impressive season record of 47 wins, only 9 losses and 2 ties. They also won all three of the regional tournaments they entered last year. They did so well that they moved into a different league for the 2005-2006 season.The Grizzlies have also had a good season this year. On Feb. 8, the team laced up their skates for their final home game against a strong team from Aspen. For a Wednesday night, there was a pretty good turnout of fans. My friends and I showed up and we had fun cheering and hanging out as we have throughout high school. But part of the night was sad because we realized how this last game symbolized the end of an era. While talking about graduating and college, a friend of mine said, “There have been so many events this year that have been the ‘last’ time we’ll ever do that.” We all agreed. Then another said thoughtfully, “Yeah, but there are so many new beginnings ahead of us.” This is true.The student of the month still has a lot of memories to be made and fun to be had in high school. He is Antonio Olivas Estebané, a freshman. He said that his favorite memory of high school so far is when he went to Glenwood Canyon on a field trip with his class. Antonio moved here from Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, three years ago. He lives with his brother and mom. His father still lives in Mexico. Antonio said that his family members are his best friends. In fact, the best advice that he’s ever been given is from his dad, who says, “Never look back, because you are a champion.”Antonio was nominated as “Estudiante del Mes” by his ELL teacher, Ms. Ayala. She said that Antonio is a wonderful kid and very respectful. “He is concerned about school, never misses class, always does his homework, and is a joy to teach.” She also said that he sets a great example for other boys his age.Antonio loves to play basketball, and he also reads and plays video games in his free time. He is really looking forward to going to college in four years. Congratulations, Antonio!It’s amazing how fast the years go in high school. It’s crazy that for my friends and me college is finally becoming a reality. After the hockey game, I was talking to a good friend of mine who is a player. He said, “It didn’t really hit us until the game was over. That was the last time we’ll ever play on this ice with this team. It’s weird.” However, life goes on and there are always many exciting things awaiting us in the future. Even the Glenwood Grizzlies have something more before they put away their skates and gear for the season: a tournament in Denver over Presidents Day weekend. Good luck, Grizzlies! Cassidy Willey is a senior at Glenwood Springs High School.

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