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Demon Doings

Besides change, there has been one constant in my life: the stage. Some of my very first memories are of me putting on plays for my parents. I am an only child, so my stuffed animals had all of the other leading roles in my performances. I would even dress my dog up and drag her around on my makeshift stage (aka the living room rug). Once I started going to school, I did plays with my classmates. I even thrived on reading in front of the class. I loved being on stage and in front of people.My dad has always been an actor and has done tons of community plays. I believe that I inherited this love of theatre from him. In fact, my first role ever was in one of his plays. I was about a year and half, and he was in a melodrama, playing the villain. The script called for a woman to walk by the villain with a baby in a carriage. The baby would see the evil man and yell. That was it, but it was enough to get me hooked. Not that I really understood what was going on …The first major play that I auditioned for was “Annie” with Defiance Community Players. I was cast as one of the orphans, and I was so excited. My dad was in it as well as the crazy character Rooster. I remember opening night so vividly. The orphans’ first song was “Hard-Knock Life.” At the end of our number, we all threw our rags toward the sky in exasperation and marched off-stage. However, after I sent my rag sailing upward and stood to exit, the towel fell directly on my head! Time stopped. I heard the huge audience bust up with laughter. I calmly paused and soaked in their reaction. My dad was waiting in the wings as I exited. I whispered, “I hope the director doesn’t mind – when the rag fell on my head I milked it a little.” I smiled to myself. It was at that moment that I truly understood the magic of the theatre. The ability to make 600 people laugh, cry, and fall in love is a powerful and amazing feeling. Since then, I have been in many shows acting, singing, and dancing. My passion for performing has blossomed; I am constantly involved in productions, shows, and rehearsals. This spring, my dad decided to direct one last show as it is the final year for both of us at GSHS. He chose the Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy “You Can’t Take It With You.” It is a hilarious show that encourages everyone to live their dreams, follow their passions, and enjoy the moment. It is based around an eccentric family whose one sane daughter falls in love with a boy who she thinks will never understand her crazy family. There are fireworks, snakes, Russians, “J-men”, and a slew of other colorful characters! After a couple of months of rehearsals, the curtain will finally come up at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 16. The show is at 7 on both Friday and Saturday nights as well. It is definitely worth your time and is guaranteed to give you a few good laughs. This show is also a great way for me to culminate my life, thus far, on the stage in GSHS.The Student of the Month for March is Heidi Marquez. Heidi is a junior this year. She moved to Glenwood Springs five years ago from Chihuahua, Mexico. Heidi lives with her mom, and younger brother and sister, Jorge and Jennifer. Heidi says that not many people know that she has been to 16 different schools in her life, including Basalt, Carbondale, and Rifle!At GSHS, Heidi is on the soccer team and has been a member of EPYCS club. Her favorite memories of high school so far are during soccer season. She says that she has so much fun playing the sport. Besides soccer, Heidi also loves to be outdoors doing physical activities and enjoys dancing and photography.Heidi is really excited about going to college in the next couple of years. She’s also excited about going to the beach in Mexico this summer.Heidi was nominated by her history teacher, Mr. Burke. He said that she has “consistently set the standard for the rest of the class.” Heidi is also a very exceptional student because she is carrying a 4.0 GPA in her second language.The best advice that Heidi has ever received was from her dad, who always tells her, “Everything comes at its own time.” Heidi says that from this she has learned to be patient and not worry so much about the future; instead focus on making the present better. Great philosophy, Heidi, and congratulations.For us seniors, time is ticking. Spring break is long overdue, and the warmer weather is too tempting. Time to bust out the flip-flops and scholarship applications! And don’t forget to check out “You Can’t Take It With You” at 7 p.m. March 16, 17, and 18 .Cassidy Willey is a senior at Glenwood Springs High School.

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