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Did the Rockies do right by trading Matt Holliday?

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Seeing as I didnt even know that the Rockies traded Matt Holliday until Jeff Caspersen e-mailed me this question for the sports panel; you probably wouldnt consider me an expert. I dont care. You get to read about my opinion anyway (unless, of course, Jeff doesnt pick my answer). First things first: I am completely in the dark about this. I dont even know who the Rockies got for him. However, I can tell you that this was a bad trade (Understatement!). Why would they trade away one of the best young players in baseball? This is a player who wont just be good this year, but will carry your franchise for years to come. Now that I think about it, the Rockies front office needs to be committed to an institution. This is worse than The Nuggets Marcus Camby trade. I just Googled the Matt Holliday trade and Huston Street was the only player Ive even heard of. This is the Pau Gasol trade of MLB. Wow.

Of course not. This whole unloading a star player to either: Get something before they leave via free agency or to dump/save a big contract thing is symptomatic of why many of us get wistful thinking of days playing whiffle ball in the backyard when Id be the Dodgers entire lineup (which would maybe change the third baseman and one outfielder, but that was about it) and my brother would be the Yankees. Rivalries were fierce and picking up one player could tip the balance to one team or another (Lou Brock for Ernie Broglio Cards go on to win championships; Roger Maris to the Yanks, wins back-to-back MVPs Dodgers add Claude Osteen to Drysdale & Koufax and win pennants in 65-66). Now, your enemy becomes someone you root for (Gary Sheffield, Jeff Kent become Dodgers) while favorites (Mike Piazza, Kurt Warner in NFL) shuffle off to other teams and when they return how can you root against them? But you HAVE to what fun is that? So, no theres no rationale that makes sense to a real fan of the Rockies for dealing Holliday (has he touched home plate, yet?).

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