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Differences between law breaking illegal aliens and immigrants

Dear Editor,Nonsensical Marty Lich here. With regards to “Myer is devoid of any legitimacy. She is a predator who illegally takes advantage by willfully dealing in the trade of human exploitation and illegal labor” and, of course, with regards to the law, “Don’t hesitate to pursue legal rights” by Marty Lich. (postindependent.com, search “Lich.”)Myer is actually a legitimate business owner who after documenting the lady cheating on her submitted work hours and after trying to pay the illegal employee her severance pay, the illegitimate and cheating employee did not take her final check. She instead filed in court, with a lawyer supplied by Catholic Charities. See “Catholic Charities provides help for variety of needs” and “Catholic Charities is providing mediation for immigrants primarily over financial disputes with employers.” (postindependent.com, search “Catholic Charities.”)Finally, the illegal was/is using a fraudulent U.S. admittance cards. The owner of Busy Bee thought she was legally living here in America and was actually firing her because of the hours she had recorded that were falsified, not because she “cheats” cheating employees at her workplace.Apart from what you understand about legal or illegal immigration, we are a nation built from immigrants. We are not however, a nation built from law breaking illegal aliens.A difference and one that looms large.Marty LichGypsumChristmas gala appreciatedDear Editor,On Sunday, Dec. 12, an overflowing throng of valley folks filled the Congregational Church of the Valley at Sixth and Home streets in Silt in eager anticipation of the Christmas gala. Barbara Eanes, a lady of many talents, recruits and coaches singers to perfection for the program. This season’s event is a must-attend spectacular in the minds of all savoring beautiful vocal music of the Christmas season.Choir folks and friends assumed places, when Mary Haggard, a church official, stunned the crowd with word that director Eanes had been taken severely ill and would be absent, but that the well-prepared choirs would not disappoint. Scherry Simonson and Mary Gunter led three choirs – ladies, men’s and children’s – through the program’s 18 selections representing at least 14 different nations of the world.Pastor Jim Warn closed the gathering with a request for prayers for Barbara Eanes’ recovery and for individuals to request God “To help, save and protect all service personnel and civilians so employed.”John J. WilsonNew Castlea note on lettersThe Glenwood Springs Post Independent welcomes signed letters on a wide variety of subjects. Letters are limited in length to 250 words. Longer letters will be rejected or sent back for revision. Letters from any one writer will rarely appear more than once a week.E-mailed letters are preferred, and should be sent to letters@ postindependent.com, or posted via our Web site, using the Letters link at http://www.postindependent.com.Mail or bring letters to 2014 Grand Ave., Glenwood Springs, CO 81602. They also may be faxed to (970) 945-4487. Please include your real name, signature, address and daytime phone number in case we have any questions.The editor reserves the right to not publish any letter submitted, and will, when necessary, edit letters for style, grammar, libel, good taste and usage. Personal attacks will not be published.Thank-you letters are also limited to 250 words, and appear on the Community pages.By submitting a letter for publication, you are also giving permission to post it on the Post Independent Web site.By submitting a letter for publication, you are also giving permission to post it on the Post Independent Web site.

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