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Discussing the community ‘Blind Side’

Deb Wilde
Post Independent
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

I made a special effort to get out and see the movie “Blind Side” only because a friend urged me to go. I didn’t have any idea what it was about or what the title meant.

In the opening scene, I learned that the “blind side” was the action on a football field that a quarterback can’t see when he is executing a play. Because of this, the quarterback is vulnerable to being tackled and injured. The action moved from there to a true story about a homeless kid who became a left tackle – the quarterback protector – in the NFL.

There are layers of lessons and morals wrapped up in this movie. Watch it with your kids and see what each of you finds meaningful.

One of the overall realizations I left with was that we, as members of a community, have our own “blind side.” Most of us do not see the poverty, hunger, homelessness, family unrest, drug and alcohol abuse, crime and more that goes on in our community. We do not experience the anger, depression, hopelessness, loss of purpose, lack of love, and hurting that so many do. Sure we have a vague notion and can even name some names; but trust me, we only see a fraction.

If I had not been working at YouthZone for all these years, I would not have the opportunity to have this closer look into our community “blind side”. Although you hear stories from YouthZone about kids and families and their needs, you do not hear it all. YouthZone interaction with families is confidential and we take that trust very seriously.

Although I have an expanded view of the needs of kids and families, I do not have the same insight into many other parts of our community needs. I am grateful that we have nonprofits, faith-based organizations and government agencies that are keeping their eyes on those needs and doing what is necessary to help. I support them with my money and volunteer time and trust them to lead the “play” in their part of the field.

My boys have played team sports for all of their school years. They understand the work of a team. They know about “blind sides” on a field. This movie provides another way for a discussion with my sons about their part as a team member off the field.

Do your children know how they can make a contribution in their community? If not, consider that discussion. A sense of finding meaning and purpose beyond personal wants is one of the best pieces of insurance a parent can have that their child will chart a positive path through life. Just as each has unique abilities and interests so they have unique contributions to make.

You and your family have an important part to play on the community team. Have you found your position?

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