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Disney would have included a tramway

Dear Editor,

The factions that exist within such a little community are amusing, but somewhat disturbing in their naivete. To believe that Glenwood can remain static and at the same time be vibrant seems an unlikely paradox. Glenwood may not have any real direction or identity . be it tourist, service, commerce, interchange, or whatever?

There are some areas that exude their own identity. North Glenwood is one. North Glenwood is a gem unique to, and a part of, what makes Glenwood Glenwood. The heart has been the Yampah Hot Spring, complemented by the Hotel Colorado. To have a home in North Glenwood is to breathe in the soul of Glenwood … with all that wonderful stinky smelling mineral water! That’s since been tamed … neutered.

I would agree with Greg Durrett that the blurring of such entities as tourism and private parking is an affront to the neighborhood. I just wonder if it is because of current construction on the streets of North Glenwood, that his views are a little skewed about tourist parking? Which came first? Just for something to talk about, say the tourists are infesting the neighborhood with their cars. Note too that the Hot Springs Pool is restricting their lots. This is exacerbating the parking problem. As lines have been drawn tighter, and the Hot Springs Lodge and Pool is letting their soul go down river for profits and lawyers, all the while traffic has become more of a burden. The neighborhood is diminishing with the significance of Glenwood’s springs as Glenwood. To round that out, a significant disagreement exists between some wannabe’s and the Hot Springs Lodge and Pool over how much of the water belongs to whom. So I don’t blame Greg for his observations.

Tourists don’t have to displace residents. If Walt Disney came in and redesigned North Glenwood with all the present components … including car dealers, restaurants, etc., a tramway could be incorporated into a plan. The problem is, this isn’t Disneyland, and everyone is looking out after their own interests. At this point I would repeat what my father asked over twenty years ago: “Are you people crazy?” The community of North Glenwood should finally realize that it’s a common problem … even if parking garages don’t generate revenue.


Fred Stewart

Glenwood Springs

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