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Do what you can

Dear Editor,

If Glenwood Springs, Aspen, Carbondale, Basalt, El Jebel, Vail, Eagle, Gypsum, Rifle, Silt, Meeker, Grand Junction, Littleton, Parker, Longmont, Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs, Loveland, Pueblo, Walsenberg, La Junta, Holly and Lamar were flattened by a flood, and its citizens were standing on their rooftops waving flags and screaming for help, would four days go by?

If those four days did go by and families were still screaming for help, do you think any of those citizens would become frantic and hysterical and go to drastic measures to save themselves and their families?

No water, no food, no love, nothing but shocking horror and panic. Desperation sets in. Momentum takes over. Survival mode is instinctive. Whether it is the right way, or the wrong way, what is the way?

How can we help these desperate souls? Money, calls to our politicians, prayers. Do what you can. It could be you or your loved ones. Or someone you don’t even know.

Nancy Chromy


Dear Editor,

Here we are, picking up the pieces again, after a category 5 hurricane hits New Orleans, killing a lot of people and costing millions, even billions, in damages. We are just sitting here, watching on the satellite picture, how these weather monsters get created in West Africa and we wait for them to arrive at our doorstep and do their destruction.

We could have our scientists organize D-Day on those baby depressions west of Africa. I remember, when living in Geneva, Switzerland, when a thousand bombers from England roared for hours over the city, the vibrations of so many engines actually caused earth tremors.

It is my understanding that just a few degrees change of the ocean’s surface water can create or diminish a building hurricane. What if a few thousand refrigerated K-C tankers would drop big ice blocks into the path of a small depression, or drop some depth charges we used on submarines to well-up the cooler water, or maybe get them on a northerly course to commit suicide in cooler waters?

We sacrificed a lot of lives and planes to eliminate the German Wahnsinn, why not try to fight Mother Nature big style, killing the storms before they start spinning or reach the Caribbean? Just let’s try something.

Walter Huber

New Castle

Dear Editor,

I don’t have a dog in the DA recall witch-hunt and couldn’t care less, actually. The liberals over about the last 40 years have so emaciated the concept of personal accountability that our criminal justice system locally, as well as nationally, is all but dysfunctional.

But as former Garfield County Deputy DA, I am certainly amused by the media blitz. The liberal cadre in the valley ” if you can fog a mirror you know who they all are ” with the ultra-liberal Post Independent staff, are sure doing a number on Truden.

Granted the recall is news, but the amount and degree of bias of the coverage is excessive by any standard. Bias can be subtle. In this case it evidences itself, in addition to the amount of coverage, in the repetition of the complaints against Truden in every single piece written. In other words, just hammering those allegations into our collective consciousness. The Post Independent is simply the shallowest, most inane local rag I have ever encountered, but the partisanship in this matter is nothing short of shameful.

Imagine with me, if you will, that one of the anointed liberal cadre was being recalled from whatever office. Say Sherry Caloia or Tresi Houpt, for example. Why, we’d hardly know there was a recall underway.

Good luck to all of us on this one.

Bob Richardson

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

I applaud Shirley Woodrow’s attempt on trying to sweep the politics of the moneychangers from the temple, but I’m compelled to correct her error. Like most American Christians, she breaks the first Commandment by placing something esteemed before God and consequently and automatically breaks all the others. In this case, a president has been placed where Aaron forged a golden calf.

Mr. Bush’s affiliation may be Methodist, but his fruits uniformly prove his god is mammon. His actions prove he does listen to this god of his upbringing. He hides behind a veil of doublespeak, designed to entice those who likewise seek not to repent this break from a belief they profess in words and never pursue in deed. He is the wolf in sheep’s clothing you are warned about. Still, he would be welcomed at the Extended Table (which meets at the Methodist Church) if he was hungry.

Cindy Sheehan should be welcomed in any congregation because she is a grieving mother. From any god’s viewpoint, mothers are always more important than presidents. This is why rape or other forms of sexual humiliation are among the atrocities uniformly committed by the covetous and greed of war. The transgressors of the Commandments will always seek to shame those who do not offend their god.

The lesson my mother instilled in me is that blessed are the peacemakers, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Isn’t this what any Christian Church is supposed to be about?

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

This is difficult to write, as we respect and care about church and other dear friends whose opinions about Cindy Sheehan are opposite from our own. We just don’t understand:

Why others seem to be so fearful about listening to this Gold Star Mother.

Why some seem to care more that Cindy Sheehan will be speaking in a church than they do about the fact that we were all lied to by the present administration about why it was so necessary to start this war.

Why the only voice we’ve heard from a religious leader (using that term loosely) has been, unfortunately, from Pat Robertson.

Who among us has the power to look in another person’s heart and know that “her motives are not peace, but politician gain?”

Years ago, while living in South Carolina, a young black minister came to speak at an area church. The prevailing talk in town was that no white woman would be safe on the streets; that everyone should lock their doors and stay inside. Unfortunately we did just that; we will always regret that we didn’t have the courage to go hear Martin Luther King Jr. in person.

We hope that the Methodist Church will be a rock and not be thwarted in its attempt to provide a setting where we might be gathered in His name to simply listen to Cindy Sheehan.

We do understand that “War may sometimes be a necessary evil. But no matter how necessary, it is always an evil, never a good. We will not learn to live together in peace by killing each other’s children.”

Wouldn’t this be a wonderful world if people were as excited about Jesus Christ as they are about Cindy Sheehan’s right to speak in His church?

Laura Wright

Glenwood Springs

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