Do you believe there is any truth behind the rumors that the NBA has a history of fixing games? |

Do you believe there is any truth behind the rumors that the NBA has a history of fixing games?

Tim Donaghy is a criminal. There is no question about that.

My question is: Why should we trust the word of a criminal who is probably trying to make a deal that would give him a lighter sentence?

We need to take into consideration the probability of Donaghy lying, not just to give him a lighter punishment but to remove a lot of the attention from his case and focus the attention on these allegations that the league fixed the 2002 Western Conference Finals, in which he has done a very good job.

I don’t think I personally can trust these accusations until I get some evidence. Until then, all we have to go on is the word of Tim Donaghy, who is a criminal.

Amidst an intriguing and entertaining NBA Finals, scandal arises from former referee Tim Donaghy. He states NBA officials altered the outcomes of games to boost TV ratings and ticket sales.

Is it true?

Let’s compare it to other so-called NBA conspiracies. Supposedly, the draft lottery was fixed in 1985 when the Knicks won the rights to draft Patrick Ewing. Chicago just landed the No. 1 pick despite having a 1.6 percent chance of doing so. Suspicious, since both are extremely large TV markets.

Another outlandish theory is the league forced Michael Jordan to “retire” because of his excessive gambling habits in 1993. He played baseball during this forced retirement and magically reappeared for the playoffs to boost ratings.

If these stories are true, commissioner David Stern is an evil genius. He ranks up there with Dr. Evil, Darth Vader, any James Bond villain and Al Davis.

I think these allegations are false. People are giving Stern too much credit for these schemes. He’s not that smart, just like President Bush isn’t bright enough to have planned 9/11.

I seriously doubt Donaghy’s claim because it would be crazy for the NBA to do such a thing. There would be almost no way to keep something like that a secret, and if it were found out to be true, the league would lose so much credibility that fans would stop coming to games or watching them on TV, knowing that games were being fixed by the NBA itself.

It is more likely that if a game was fixed it was done by one or more referees like Donaghy who have become involved in the gambling scene and are trying to make extra money.

If they’re fixin’, they’re floppin’ cause the NBA has been drifting the way of the National Hockey League since Michael Jordan retired.

It’s not an original thought, but really ” if the league were arranging such things, would the New York Knicks keep missing the No. 1 pick in the draft lottery despite having a wretched record year after year?

Would former powerhouse teams in Philly and Chicago be in the doldrums?

Would CLEVELAND have gotten LaBron James, then made the finals last year against San Antonio, the league’s most dominant team since Shaq left L.A., to match up in one of the least-watched NBA Finals in history?

And even now, when they get a dream match-up ” Celts vs. Lakers ” what happens? Boston wins the first two, making a seven-game ratings bonanza almost an impossibility. Then, when the Lakers threaten to knot up the series in game four with a 20-plus point lead, Boston goes to the line again and again in the third quarter to fuel an all-time comeback and take all the drama out of the finals by grabbing a 3-1 lead?

Nope, no one could mess up this badly on purpose. Could they?

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