Do you buy Roger Clemens’ denial of ever having used steroids or HGH? |

Do you buy Roger Clemens’ denial of ever having used steroids or HGH?

The question posed is “Do I believe Roger Clemens?” Of course I do. How absurd! If I can’t believe Roger, then who can I believe?

As a “benevolent believer,” I have quite a list of athletes and other “prominent pampered people” in whom I have trusted at their word, including O.J. Simpson, Barry Bonds, Michael Vick, Kobe Bryant and Marion Jones in the world of sports (The Toy Department), and Richard Nixon, Al Gore and Bill Clinton in the realm of politics (The Liars Club).

Unfortunately, in today’s world ” especially in sports and politics ” the “truth” seems totally irrelevant, simply wastes time and creates controversy. Let’s just ignore Roger Clemens and get on with life … and, of course, the Super Bowl!

No, his intense denials notwithstanding.

As a Hollywood actor might say, “What’s my motivation?” What would be Brian McNamee’s motivation for lying about it? McNamee had to know that any claims he’d make would go under the microscope, and he’d be fighting libel suits for the rest of his life if he wrongly named a player.

Naming Clemens in particular doesn’t save him any jail time. And George Mitchell, with a rather eminent reputation to defend, presumably had an interest in the legitimacy of the Mitchell Report’s highest-profile “outing.” IF Clemens did NOT do steroids, it casts doubt on the entire Mitchell report, and do you think Mitchell didn’t consider that before he released it?

Of course Clemens is denying it. He also denies that he threw a bat at Mike Piazza back in 2000, though no one believed him then, either. He’s denying it with an unusual amount of belligerence and counterattack, but that’s just Roger. I suppose I hope he’s innocent, because McNamee’s not such a great guy, either, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Right now, baseball fans need to support Roger Clemens. If he said he did not take steroids then his fans are going to have to accept that.

Clemens has been tested for steroids and did come up negative, that should be enough. If the sports commissioner is not satisfied with these results then he should continue to test him until he feels he is satisfied.

Lance Armstrong suffered the same accusations as Clemens, but Armstrong stayed strong, and so will Clemens.

The trainers who give the athletes the drugs should be in as much trouble, or even more, than the athletes.

I believe Clemens did not take the steroids, but it is sad that the media is blasting him.

Roger Clemens was mislabeled as a cheater for his alleged use of steroids and HGH in the Mitchell Report. I stand behind him in his quest to cleanse his reputation.

Clemens has been falsely accused of wrongdoing just like O.J. Simpson, Richard Nixon, Aaron Burr, Pete Rose, Barry Bonds, Judas and the Roman Senate once were.

I believe the Rocket as much as I believed the guy who told me gullible was not in the dictionary. He’s as trustworthy as a politician and as clean as pig sty. People get injected in the buttocks everyday for a B12 shot. It’s like drinking coffee, a great pick-me-up.

Let’s leave him alone and let him take a nice swim in his pool full of money from the New York Yankees. Clemens is such a great guy that he only worked part of the season to save Steinbrenner some money.

By the way, many do not know this, but Clemens is Urdu for “cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater.”

When you asked the panel question before a few weeks back when you wanted to know what surprised me the most about the Mitchell report ” it was that I did not want to believe that Clemens and Dykstra were on THE LIST.

I have learned over time that what I believe and what is reality are not one in the same, and sometimes not even close. And I choose to always believe.

Reality means my glass may be half empty ” I prefer to believe that my glass is half full ” even if it isn’t!

Methinks thou dost protest too much … and much too late, Sir Roger. He waited a week to respond, then explodes in ‘roid rage, upon advice from lawyer and/or agent?

Sad, indeed, that we’ve become a nation of “guilty, until proven innocent,” but since this is merely the court of opinion, mine is that he joins Barry Bonds ” not only in unprecedented awards and achievement, but perhaps also in perjury charges.

How the mighty have fallen.

I’ve been a Yankee hater since I don’t know when, but if there is one person I respect, it’s Roger Clemens. The man has set the bar for pitchers in this age of baseball.

When the Mitchell Report came out everyone was shocked to see Clemens name listed on that report.

In my mind, the report was divided into the parts not-so-important people, kinda-important people and Roger Clemens.

Then, to add to this steroid speculation, he decides not to fire back right away but stays back to defend himself.

Do I believe that he has never done steroids? Yes, I do.

Until cold hard facts present themselves, he is, in my mind, innocent until proven guilty. You have to remember the Mitchell report is one big “he said and I heard from this guy” paper presenting no hard facts, just what people say.

Being a huge Houston Astros fan, I would love to give Clemens the benefit of the doubt since he did so much to help the Astros to get to their only World Series.

However, I just don’t believe him.

It just doesn’t make sense for McNamee to lie about it. Andy Pettitte’s confession, which matched up with McNamee’s statement, is the clincher.

Clemens is attacking McNamee with everything he can think of because that’s the only way he might be able to recover his reputation. I think he believes there is no way anyone else can substantiate McNamee’s claim, so why not attack that claim any way he can?

Roger Clemens is a jerk and always has been. I believe he is a liar about using steroids because I don’t know what his trainer Brian McNamee would have to gain from exposing him.

The one thing I don’t get about Clemens is that he is saying over and over again that he did not use steroids, but then says that he doesn’t give a “rat’s *** about the Hall of Fame.” If he doesn’t care if he makes it into the Hall of Fame, why does he care if everyone knows he did steroids?

The guy doesn’t make sense and tries to get out of answering straight what the truth is by getting pissed off and leaving press conferences.

I’ve never understood the lovefest that’s always surrounded Roger Clemens. He’s never come off as the greatest guy.

No matter the topic, he’s always spoken with a tinge of condescension, and he’s never been shy sharing what an amazing pitcher he is. His kids’ names all start with K (the scorebook symbol for strikeout), for goodness sakes!!

That’s on par with Deion Sanders naming his daughter Deiondra! And we all know what a modest fella he is.

Roger’s a prototypical egomaniac, akin to Barry Bonds. And, like his needle-toting counterpart, Roger is brazen enough to wave his finger back at us. How dare we believe he used performance-enhancing anything?

Get over yourself, Roger. I honestly think he’s so caught up in his lie that he really believes he did nothing wrong.

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