Do you think the Avalanche’s acquisition of Peter Forsberg and Adam Foote will have an impact on their chances the rest of the NHL season? |

Do you think the Avalanche’s acquisition of Peter Forsberg and Adam Foote will have an impact on their chances the rest of the NHL season?

The Colorado Avalanche added Peter Forsberg and Adam Foote to the roster last week. It will surely help with attendance, but on the ice is still up in the air.

The Avs are in need of some life, but the return of Sakic and hopefully Smyth will have more of an impact than Foppa or Footer. Foote will help the team’s shoddy defense, but not as much as Patrick Roy would. I guess the bridge games at the retirement home are far too exciting than stopping pucks for Roy.

I hope the trend carries over to the other teams in Denver. The Nuggets could sure use the return of Fat Lever, Alex English, or even David Thompson.

The Broncos need help on defense. Why hasn’t the front office contacted Karl Mecklenberg, Randy Gradishar, Steve Atwater, Dennis Smith, Rulon Jones, or even Greg Kragen.

The Rockies don’t need too much help, but seeing Dante Bichette and Larry Walker’s mullets flowing and roaming a Coors Field my sell some more tickets.

Maybe this trend isn’t great for wins, but it sounds fun and sparks good conversations.

If it were 2005, maybe. What would really make an impact would be Patrick Roy jumping over a blue line and coming out of retirement! Has it really been 10-plus years since the glory days of Avs’ Stanley Cups and the Red Wing rivalry? I guess it’s been that long since I’ve paid attention to hockey.

I know about as much about hockey as legislators know about education. Therefore anything I say, you can pretty much throw out the window, much like what you can do with most of the education legislation passed by our lawmakers.

Let’s see, Peter Forsberg, rhymes with iceberg, and I believe hockey is played on ice, so that has to be a good omen for the Avalanche’s chances.

Adam Foote, however, sounds a lot more suited for soccer than hockey, but both sports are low-scoring and the players shoot at a goal with a goalie, so who’s to say.

I think that the impact will mostly be with the fans ” not necessarily the team.

No, they are about 5 years too late.

When I heard Peter the Great was coming back to the Avs, I thought things couldn’t get much better. Then Adam Foote signed on. This is great news for the Avs. Foote is already making an impact for a defensive squad that was in need, and with things not looking good for Ryan Smyth and Marek Svatos injuries, Peter Forsberg’s mere presence on the ice should frazzle defenders and help the Avs. Even if he can only skate on one foot ” that’s how amazing Peter the Great is.

Bringing back the big dogs means even more to the fans, many of which have ditched the team after they didn’t make the playoffs last year. Immediate Stanley Cups spoiled Colorado hockey fans and it would be nice if these guys could help bring back some of the fair weather crowd.

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