Doctor was courteous, they should try some |

Doctor was courteous, they should try some

Dear Editor,

I am replying to the “Hard to bet on emergency vet” letter by Lynda Field in the Aug. 1 edition.

The statement about “received no phone calls until Dr. Hamilton of Rifle called back” just shows that Dr. Hamilton did care.

The repeated questions about calling her vet is called professional courtesy, and he is also not aware of the horse’s history of allergic reactions.

Dr. Hamilton was going to respond, making room in his busy schedule, when the daughter, after giving directions and hearing Dr. Hamilton was on his way, turned to hang up the phone and said, “He is an *****.” Is this the way you treat someone that puts his life and clients on hold?

I for one would find it hard to help someone who would treat me that way. Treating people with respect is something that should be taught to our children.

The letter went on to say that Karen Boland was also called and showed no compassion. I personally know Karen to be one of the most (if not the most) caring vet in the area. Karen does not work on large animals and is not equipped for such emergencies, but she is not as cold and uncaring as we were led to believe.

The question was asked, “How do you get a call back from a veterinarian?” I believe you did receive a call back, but treated the man with no respect.

Maybe we need to hear the other side of this story rather than attempting to play for sympathy, and remember to treat others as we would want to be treated!

I agree, vets need to love animals, but they are also humans with feelings. How about a poll Garfield County?

If asked for help and in the same breath called an “*****,” would you?

Mike Lucero


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