Doctors refute herbalist’s vaccine warning |

Doctors refute herbalist’s vaccine warning

Dear Editor,

We were very disappointed to see the recent response from “The Humorous Herbalist” on Jan. 31. To suggest that there are “documented cases” proving that vaccines cause “mania” in children is unsubstantiated and frankly false information.

In fact, there are no such scientific links.

The Centers for Disease Control, the Institute of Medicine, the American Academy of Pediatrics and countless other agencies have spent and continue to spend countless time and money to continually monitor and study the safety and efficacy of the vaccines that are recommended for our children.

After years of studying hundreds of thousands of children who have received vaccines, there is no scientific evidence to support the claims of “The Humorous Herbalist.”

We certainly support the right of anyone to express their opinions; however, to place oneself in the position of an authority on a subject and present those opinions as scientific fact is not acceptable.

The publishing of this information is irresponsible journalism that is dangerous to public health. The fact is that vaccines have saved and continue to save lives with minimal side effects. We expect more responsibility from our local news source.

Ellen Brooks, MD; David Brooks, MD; Kristine Hanson, RN; Stephanie Allen, RN; Angela Ammon, MD; Bruce Lippman, MD; Bruce Lippman II, MD; Robert Brokering, MD; Greg Feinsinger, MD; Tim Kruse, MD; Paul Salmen, MD; Martha Oppegard, MD; Al Saliman, MD; Steve O’Brien, MD; Kim Spence, DO; John Findley, MD; Gary Knaus, MD; Richard Herrington, MD; Drew Werner, MD

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