Doctor’s tip: Flu shots can save lives |

Doctor’s tip: Flu shots can save lives

Dr. Greg Feinsinger
Dr. Greg Feinsinger
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It is fall and time to get your flu shot.

The public freaks out when the media tells us about a rare case of hantavirus or West Nile Virus or plague. But what the media fail to tell us is that thousands of people in the U.S. die needlessly from complications of influenza A and B every year, the most common complications being pneumonia and heart attacks (influenza can be the impetus for plaque rupture).

Particularly vulnerable are people with diabetes, asthma, pregnancy, HIV, cancer, those 65 and older, and children younger than 5 but particularly under 2. The CDC recommends an annual flu shot in the early fall for everyone 6 months and older.

Dr. Feinsinger of Carbondale, who retired in February from Glenwood Medical Associates after 41 years as a family physician, will provide a health tip each Tuesday in the Post Independent. Contact him at

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