Dog-tired of abusive Battlement Mesa canines |

Dog-tired of abusive Battlement Mesa canines

Dear Editor,

I would like to share the hazards of walking my dog. It sounds so simple … walking the dog.

My overwhelmingly well-behaved K-9 companion, Mugzi, and I walk a lot of miles in and around my neighborhood on Battlement Mesa. At least twice a week we are mauled by someone’s worthless, mannerless “yard” dog.

The “yard” dog is the most common species of dog on Battlement. They are an ornamental breed. These dogs are kept in yards, never walked or paid attention to.

I personally enjoy walking my dog early in the morning or in the evening. This is when l find that I stand the best chance of being attacked/challenged by the packs of at-large “yard” dogs. I especially enjoy these walks when I have my newborn daughter with me.

Why, just last night while I was trying to thwart a dog disaster, I crossed a “green space” with my dog. We ended up at the veterinarian’s office for a quick paw repair. My dog sliced her paw wide open. Whoever threw the beer bottle, please contact me in reference to the vet bill.

I have had enough. I can and will walk my dog where I please. Be advised, incompetent owners of the fabulous collection of purposeless pets. I will be using any legal method to protect myself, my family and my pets from your at-large, ill-mannered mutts. Purchase some doggie Visine, pepper spray is very legal. Once attacked, defending myself and mine, anything goes.

Please, if you even remotely care for your dog, do not let it run at large. Anything that happens to your dog while it is loose is your fault. Moreover, whatever happens as a result of your dog being loose is your fault. If you cannot or will not take proper care of your dog, contact your local shelter.

Aimee Chappelle-Hardesty


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