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Campaign Donors to county commissioner candidatesWho gave:Following is a list of campaign donors who have contributed $100 or more in cash or in-kind donations to county commissioner candidates:Larry McCown– $5,000 loan, Dee McCown, Rifle– $1,820, ad design services, Pam Szedelyi, Glenwood Springs– $1,000, Garfield County Republican Central Committee– $600, Friends of Scott McInnis, Grand Junction– $500, accounting, Ed Weiss, Rifle– $500, Kent and Anne Jolley, Glenwood Springs– $500, Gilbert Lee, Silt– $500, J. Gentry Livestock, Rifle– $500, AnnJmc LLC, Glenwood Springs– $500, Colorado River Ranch, Glenwood Springs– $300, Richard and Karen Rhoades, Rifle– $300, Walter and Shannon Stowe, Glenwood Springs– $250, Burning Mountain Associates LLP, Glenwood Springs– $250, Scott Balcomb, Glenwood Springs– $250, John Savage and Sally Brands, Rifle– $200, Brett and Jeanne Jolley, New Castle– $200, Manupella Drywall, Parachute– $200, Kelly & Michael Lyon Family Trust, Silt– $200, Dean Hubbell, Rifle– $200, James Slappey, New Castle– $200, William and Charlotte Zilm, Glenwood Springs– $100, Judy Bell-Banks, RifleKeith Lambert– $4,000 loan, Keith Lambert– $200, Cecil Lucas, Rifle– $200, Karen Lucas, Rifle– $200, S. Moyer, Rifle– $200, Scott and Ramona Moyer, Rifle– $200, Caroline Duell, Carbondale– $200, Gary Gagne/Nancy Jacobsen, Silt– $175, John Sebesta, Carbondale– $150, Dean Filiss, Silt– $100, Gregory Durrett, Glenwood Springs– $100, Joan Savage, Rifle– $100, Christopher Bryan, Redstone– $100, Bob Utesch, Silt– $100, Russ Criswell, Carbondale– $100, Gwen Ballard, Carbondale– $100, Margaret Long, Fort CollinsJohn Martin– $3,000, John Martin– $500, AnnJmc LLC, Glenwood Springs– $450, Scott Balcomb, Glenwood Springs– $250, Burning Mountain Associates, LLP– $200, Ken Kriz, Glenwood Springs– $100, Peter Crow, Glenwood Springs– $100, Richard Moolick, Glenwood Springs– $100, Friends of Scott McInnis, Grand JunctionGreg Jeung– $1,257.59, Greg Jeung– $900, raffle donation, Stephen Bershenyi, Glenwood Springs– $600, raffle donation, Charlie Willman, Glenwood Springs– $370, Dean and Wendy Moffatt, Glenwood Springs– $300, Michael Barnes, Glenwood Springs– $300, Hildur Troyer, Glenwood Springs– $210, Garry and Thelma Zabel, Glenwood Springs– $200, Robert and Connie Lewis, Glenwood Springs– $200, Gregory Durrett, Glenwood Springs– $200, Caroline Duell, Carbondale– $200, Nancy Jacobsen, Silt– $200, Jim Sears, Glenwood Springs– $185, Debra Crawford, Glenwood Springs– $175, Sharill Hawkins, raffle donation, Glenwood Springs– $175, John Sebesta, Carbondale– $150, Joan and Marc Adler, Glenwood Springs– $150, Jim Wagner, Glenwood Springs– $150, Peggy Utesch, Silt– $150, Janet Early, Carbondale– $150, Jean Martensen, Glenwood Springs– $141, Bob Axelson, Glenwood Springs– $130, Andrew McGregor, Glenwood Springs– $130, raffle donation, John Simmons, Glenwood Springs– $100, Dwight Souder, Evergreen– $100, Loriann Bershenyi, Glenwood Springs– $100, Thomas and Joyce Ball, Glenwood Springs– $100, Jenny Lang, Glenwood Springs– $100, G.T. Morton, Glenwood Springs– $100, John Kelly, New Castle– $100, Matthew Goodstein, Glenwood Springs– $100, Kim Montague, Glenwood Springs– $100, Gwen Ballard, Glenwood Springsn $100, Gwen Ballard, Glenwood Springs

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