Don’t be afraid to question the president |

Don’t be afraid to question the president

Dear Editor,

I have received both positive and negative responses to my letter asking for more Republican leadership on selected issues. However, one theme I touched on has gone unrecognized. It is one that is easy to ignore and yet it worries me tremendously.

One of the main purposes of a terrorist attack is to make us doubt our freedom and to seek security from danger. Unfortunately, safety comes in limiting freedoms. We are afraid to fly. We fear people that are different from ourselves. We prohibit access to places like the White House. Just try visiting Washington, D.C., and you’ll discover it is a police state, where officers are searching people, questioning people and denying access.

The Roman Republic lasted 200 years and then the Roman Empire took over with an emperor. How long will our republic last? I think George Bush is a good man, but sometimes power corrupts, and I believe this country needs a loyal opposition.

Honest debate should never be questioned, but I am concerned many of our citizens are living in fear of terrorism. That is what the terrorists want. It takes courage to remain free and question the loss of any of our freedoms.

Freedom is a two-edged sword. Before we give up any of our rights we need to weigh the pros and cons carefully.

Abortion, right to bear arms, gay rights, health care, free movement, housing, hunger, education, religion, government, etc. These are all forms of freedoms. Which do we honor and which do we limit? Big Brother comes in many forms and we need to be vigilant.

Become a student of history, and you will discover our founding fathers never fully trusted powerful men. History shows that presidents are questioned and vilified. It comes with the office. We should honor the office of the president, but we should not be afraid to question those holding this office.

J. Steven Randol


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