Don’t blow it all up |

Don’t blow it all up

Dear Editor:

I only read the paper when it’s convenient, and that’s infrequent, so when I saw that Bob Richardson has a weekly column, that was news in itself. I like anyone who gets people thinking and gives others a chance to jump in, so here goes – even if it’s only grist for one week’s column.

Why would anyone without authority be able to manage in this world? The idea of America being called an “experiment” is an invitation in itself for disaster. So here we are again, this time on the world stage.

Teachers have been the key for keeping alive dreams. Dedicated teachers have faith beyond themselves – in our way of life and its uniqueness. For other teachers with no faith, just putting in time, or overwhelmed by demand, it’s like a restaurant advertising “clean silverware.” Basics are assumed, and not an option on the menu.

So, from marginal teachers and schools we end up with living dead – zombies. Rush Limbaugh calls them “ditto heads.” These people have surrendered their thinking to someone else – like leading a bunch of elephants holding each other’s tails, nowhere. This could seem funny, but this is in reaction to the jaded, entrenched “left” who stonewall just as hard on the other side of the school grounds for some dead cause. Without the background, dialogue is not a consideration, much less an option.

Now, with the help of Saddam in the East, and his “would-be” clones in the West, we can no longer be banished from Eden; we can blow it up! This would be the ultimate paradox of mankind. Considering the figurative number of souls still there, this would be a biblical tragedy. Postscripts, anyone?

Please leave me and the rest of us a little piece of earth to inherit, big boys. At least go back to Sunday school (and take some Middle Easterners with you).

P.S. – George Bush the first had a chance to demand an unconditional surrender in 1991- what happened?

Fred Stewart

Glenwood Springs

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