Don’t condemn nuclear power |

Don’t condemn nuclear power

Dear Editor,

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing” continues to be applicable to the many environmental groups who dominate the press during these Clinton and post-Clinton times. It is a sad time for the country and may reflect the inadequacies of our educational system.

For example, “hogwash.” Here is a word that, if properly used, suggests wash water running off a freshly bathed hog. Or it could mean misinformation couched in clever and scientific terms. The latter definition is certainly applicable to much that is written today.

For example, the United States is the second largest producer of oil in the world, topped only by Saudi Arabia. Mexico is the fifth largest, Venezuela is the sixth largest and Canada is the 11th largest. So it stands to reason that we should not let the environmentalists block our oil exploration.

Without the environmentalists smothering the nuclear industry with costly regulations, we could be producing nuclear power at roughly 25 percent of our present cost of power. (Try reducing your current power costs by 75 percent.)

If you want to examine the nation’s largest power plant, why don’t you go over to the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant near Phoenix, Ariz., and arrange for a visit. I have roamed it during construction and as an operating plant. It’s impressive.

Before you condemn nuclear power, examine our submarine program. We’ve had submarines running since 1954 with no nuclear problems. In fact, in 1960 a Triton submarine circumvented the globe underwater, a distance of over 47,000 miles, without refueling. So, there is no reason to be worried about nuclear power. Our sailors have spent their entire career on nuclear subs with no accidents.

For a change, let’s focus upon the real world!

Sincerely yours,

R.T. Moolick

Glenwood Springs

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